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Saturday, March 08, 2008
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Everybody put your hands in the air and say..........."I'VE GRADUATED!!!!!"

haha! Sorry guys!! I just couldn't resist and had to write that line. I mean look, I am finally a proud and fresh graduate (oki.... graduation is still on Mar. 29 but I'm sure I'll graduate...I think...haha!) of high school! I think it's really exciting that I'm finally out of high school, and in a few months, I'll be going to college. New place, new faces, new... everything! NEW LAPTOP!!

Specifically, my bro's old Acer Aspire 5562WXMi which is now really battered. Click link for specs. heehe! It works fine, but the freaking low memory is BUGGING ME!!
I've also got an IPOD TOUCH! *screeches* I can't believe my mom bought it! My parents went to HK from Mar 1-2 just to buy my bro's Sony Vaio (see? he got the new ones.. huhu) and my mom did ask me if I wanted an itouch or iphone or the 80gig ipod but I told her no since we're low on cash but she still bought it! I LOVE MUMMY AND DADDY SO MUCH! heehe =) It's 16gb and I've jailbroken it already to 1.1.1 and now gotta make it 1.1.4 now! woohoo! hehe.
Haha well I have a laptop now by the way guys because our desktop computer has been the reason why I wasn't able to blog for so long. It has some virus or malware on it that disabled me from accessing my site and your sites sis, so I hope that you forgive me guys... It'll never happen again for the coming 3 months since I'll be partying hard now! haHA not literally, I meant I have more time to do everything I've ever wanted now that high school's over. Leaving St. Jude is such a relief which I'm sure will become a heartache soon because I'll be so homesick but still, now I feel ecstatic and overjoyed. Such relief...

I'll miss my friends though... Like what Danelle said, we won't be able to hang out together like we used to since we each live in far places. It really sucks and I was so happy that Chair and I were able to spend at her house yesterday. Loved her place! hehe =) We did share a lot noh? I just hope that nothing will change but change is inevitable so I'm wondering what will happen in the future now. What the heck will happen? Please let our friendships stay intact.

Man, I've had a lot of ups and downs during my senior year and I've learned a lot. I can't say I've learned the secret formula to eternal life but I have learned my own secrets, and my friends' too. A lot has happened, first the retreat, sportsfest and then the rollercoaster ride of bliss this february to march. Let me give you an update based on a chronological order since I think it'll take forever if I do it in paragraph form. hehe SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED and i've got pictures to boot! hehe

Feb 16 morning - MMTLBA (Metro Manila Tiong Lian Basketball Association)
Our cheering squad became the representatives of the school in the cheerdance competition of MMTLBA held last Feb. 16. We had a lot of expectations since when St. Jude became a part of MMTLBA, we've won every single one of them (well that was 2 years ago so meaning 2 championships) so we had to exceed their expectations. And what can I say my friends? I was so dang nervous for them! I saw how St. Stephen had these awesome props and how strong PCHS was so I was so nervous! But in the end, the good Lord saw us fit to become once again champs! OMG I AM SO PROUD OF YOU GUYS!!!

Feb 16 evening - JS PROM!!
OMG, this is one prom I'll never forget! Besides starting off so late and a very unique tribute to the seniors presentation, I had the weirdest look ever. Good thing the make up artist came in earlier this year than last's but the bad thing was he had more time to work on me. My mom slipped and said that our theme this year was Hollywood so boom! I was made into a Marilyn Monroe looker. Haha see for yourself!!

Faye, Me, Cheryl, and JC


And man, EDSA Shang is one place that YOU should experience spending the night since whoa, their garden suite is really a beauty! And the bathroom and walk in closets! Wifi! sighs.. Daynel, Yvette, Chair, Raich, Eirene and I all had the time of our lives. Sayang si Bobby ni nakasama! huhu!

Feb 18 - Chinese Singing Contest
I've always said last year that I was gonna join the Chinese singing contest this year since it is my last, and I haven't sung in a singing contest since... gr3 and that people wouldn't care if I slipped up anyway so there I go and joined the dang thing. I signed up late since I was so confused as to whether I should sing. I haven't practiced since singing at my mom's uncle's birthday and grabe, I LOST MY VOICE on this day! Well not exactly totally lost, ung namaos. I had a weird feeling though because during the draw lots to see who goes first, I first got number 9 which is an extremely lucky number for me whenever I join contests because I seem to win whenever I get that number. But 2 backed out and I became 7. There goes my luck I thought.
But omg..... I....freaking....won!!!! As in Group B, First Place. That was so surreal since in all my times to join singing contests, this was my first first! And it happened in my last's! See how confusing I am and how astounded I am to know that I won? I was with Iris and Jehrald and they were good singers! Maybe the judges must have listed it wrong.... OMG.... Definitely a freaking day I won't ever forget! So scary...

Group B peepz

Seniors last song!!

Feb 19 - Comp and TLE periodical test (oh yeah, our exams started that week)
I just wanted to say that we were exempted half of the computer periodical exam! woohoo! hehe thanks to our presentation! And we should have a high grade! I mean I spent 5 Sundays, sacrificing my lakwatsa time and almost 22 hours total there! hehe

The BIGGEST as in BIGGEST event of our lives is here! After countless and countless practices that everyone has already memorized the whole script, the day is finally here! My god, again another expectation that we have to surpass last year's passion play which was SUPERB! How can we top something with a unique storyline with musicals and everything? Lord! Haha The third years also had their Midsummer Night's Dream which I thought was COOL!!! There were a few sound difficulties but I loved it! It was hilarious man! Congrats! =)
Okay so our turn came right after. And then somehow, as if possessed, everyone was actually doing good! We had our general rehearsal last 18 evening and it was crap. AS IN CRAP. And then today, wow, everyone was like magical. Dani R, Dani O, Val, Ted, etc were all in top form and acting so well! The stage crew had no problems aside from the lacking of hammer to "crucify" Jesus and Shanelle,our mother mary, wow! SHE REALLY CRIED!! And I think I did well as nurse. lolz!! It turns out that a lot of people LOVED our performance and Ms. Bagsic was sooo proud of us! You can find her speech at franz' multiply. My GOD, that was the best feeling ever! Thank you lord for giving us the fruits of our labor... Everyone loved it! Definitely one of the best ever! And the scriptwriters were acknowledged too! But I would like to say that Ms. Bagsic was the one that started it all. THANKS SO MUCH MISS! =)

Wanna give credits to the directors, cast and crew of our Passion Play especially
Tedmund as Jesus, Val as the Devil and Dani R as Joaquin! woot! Congratz to you guys!!

Me as a nurse (bagay ba?)

4C Cast and Crew with Ms. Bagsic

The Whole Batch in Our final curtain call

Mar 3 - LAST DAY!!
.........................OF EXAMS that is! Unfortunately, we still have to go to school for grad practices. Lord, I just have no idea WHY we have to practice so hard and for so many times. But we took this opportunity to bond more with friends. Chair and I have been house hopping too and having movie marathons. Then we just had a slumber party at Dandan's house! I think we'll do it again though. haha!

Mar 5 - MAROON 5 concert!
One word: AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pero.... BITTTTIINNN omg was it soo bitin!!!

Man, I've done all my lasts... now I gotta do my firsts... My first year in college, my first course, my first job, and my first college friends. I SOO CAN'T WAIT!!!!

Till next time again my friends...

Updates when I update! =)


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