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Wednesday, March 12, 2008
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I wonder when I'll get my real site. You know the real one with your desired domain name (hey, how about or or lolz!) and then the desired .watever extension. I think it'll be really cool to have your own personalized space in the internet. A real personal space unlike this blogspot. My blog is just a part of thousands of others with blogspot extension though I am happy here. It's just that, I can' express my individuality that much. Seeing Ate Jays, Ate Val and my other online sisters enjoying their life with their own domain, who doesn't want one? Well anyways, preparing for the future is good so I've found an option: I'll get my domain registration at Payless!
It's such a user-friendly site and one that's stylish too! It can't be a hoax because of the very professional site that features drop down menus. And it's very easy to use since the benefits of a basic plan is instantly given in the main page and it also offers discount prices. There is also a Help page and Contact Us page for easy Customer support. They can easily gain your trust! There are loads of freebies too! Well once you log on into their site, you can easily check the availability of your site (like Another perk is their WhoIs page wherein you can find info of a domain user information. You'll be able to choose the right package and price for your domain!
Well, now I hope that I'll have enough money to buy one. Oh well, untill that day, use Payless to get your domain registration!!

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