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Thursday, March 27, 2008
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257... You'd just think that it was just ANY random number conceived by mankind, but I think that it would be a most memorable number that will be remembered by 5 people, but excluding the other guy (VAL KAW UN!), then 4 people, because it has taken up at least 7 hours of their time... Yes. Steppy, Jin, Matt and I, will remember that number forever...


BECAUSE WE MADE 257 GRADUATION INVITATIONS! lolz!!! I think that it was an achievement! hehe. Well we 5 weren't the only ones who made it. I mean there were hundreds of factors that made these invitations possible, like the printer, the printer guy, paper guy, ink guy, etc (especially those who cut the paper yesterday! You rocked! hehe. I wasn't there though kasi.. hehe) and we're all thankful that everything's done! hehe. I thought that it would be a boring day filled with cutting, folding, gluing, pasting (wait, it was!!) but it turned out to be a more memorable one since grabe, we learned A LOT about each other. These chikahan moments are certainly worth the 9 hours of labor of love!

Hehe, anyway I thought this day was a breakaway from the usual mundane tasks that I do at home which is mostly nothing but stare at my computer screen and debating upon my fate (Am I an Atenean in the making?). I am so confused and admittedly scared of my future. I have no idea if I will ever handle the I have in mind, Computer Science, or the course that I got in, Management Honors, so I am having a problem here. Like, will I be happy at this course? At any course at that matter. Maybe I should just take up fine arts or something. haha! Not that I have anything against that course.. I really do like to perform but I don't think I have the credibility anyway.

So I'm still in limbo and it's already 3 days and 2 nights away from graduation day! (Get ready for a long grad post! haha!) Lord help me!

Hmm... I think I'll post something freaky too.. Just last night as Daynel, Bobby and I were chatting on some.. things, my dad burst into the office room that mom and i were staying in the ground floor yelling he saw someone or something in the living room! Outside of the office room were the living room and kitchen and dining room and all the lights were turned off so naturally it was pitch dark. Then he explained that after going downstairs, he saw someone walk toward the back and thought that it was our maids, but how could they be there when they were sleeping? And my mum and me were inside the office and my bro upstairs? CREEPPYY! It's probably the same being I saw last 2 times, one in grade 4 (i thought that he was my father!) and the other one last few months ago. Oh well... God will take care of us!

Well I'm just bored... hop off to my multiply in case you wanna look at some recent pics! hehe

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