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Thursday, February 07, 2008
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YEY I JUST GOT PAID FROM SMORTY! It's definitely NOT a scam!! hehe yey! 24$! My very first paycheck! hehe

Hey guys!! Miss me? Haha lolz it's the egotist in me flaring up again. Well I've got some news for you! I have a new private blog and it's somewhere around the net...It contains the juiciest scoops of my life so it really has to remain private. For the first time in blogging history, it will be written in Filipino or Taglish so am so sorry to my international friends! But you can still view it. Just email or comment me if you want to know the URL of my site. =)

I don't have anything to say now.. Well maybe just that I'll be

1. partying at the JS prom this Feb 16 (well not exactly partying, just... you know. eat. haha!)
2. nursing an injured man in this year's Passion Play (this is the biggest project for us seniors, don't worry, PICTURES will definitely be posted!)
3. Studying the hell out of myself
4. Trying not to get killed because of tons of projects
5. Making money to earn my own spendings IF my parents allow me to go to Denmark this May
6. Choosing my own college in 3 week's time. Got to make the deadline!
7. Having fun and trying not to die from boredom

So you see, my life's pretty boring. More juicy stuff and thoughts on my private blog though. And twittering has become a habit these days... catch me there too! Just add me up! hehe =)

Well Updates when I update! =)

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