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Tuesday, February 12, 2008
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I've always wondered how people lived without electricity and lightings in the past especially the Victorian Era since people loved to write a lot back then and I wondered how on earth would they have written at night when there was insufficient light? Perseverance and stubborness I guess is what made them do those things. It makes me want to thank Benjamin Franklin for flying a kite and getting electrocuted. Without that incident, then I must probably say that we'd still be living in the dark ages. Now that night can be as bright as day and the difference between them since to have been abolished now. Well if we can have lighting, why don't we deserve the best grandeur of them all? Well after centuries of science and discovery, Farreys is here to beautify our nights with their wonderful lightings!
Farreys offers a user-friendly site with links galore and selective viewing. I believe that every imaginable and unimaginable lightings is all in here in Farreys. I mean I have never heard of minka lavery lighting or murray feiss lighting but with Farreys, I am able to distinguish all kinds of lamps there is. When I have my own family and house later in life, I would definitely want something good to light up at home and what better way than looking at a site called Farreys? I mean I've never appreciated beauty and art in lamps before. Gaston in Beauty and the Beast would have been jealous for sure after seeing all the beautiful lamps here!
So are you looking for something to brighten up your home? Then I guarantee that Farreys is the place for you! =)

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