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Thursday, January 31, 2008
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I remember those days when I wanted to make a call to my great grandaunts in San Francisco and how only postal mail was available. We had to wait for almost 3 weeks just to receive a letter but of course it would have been better if we could have heard their voices. I mean nothing beats listening to your loved ones' voices right? Some of my grandaunts have passed away and I regret not getting to hear them again. Sometimes pictures and postcards and letters aren't enough. You have to hear/listen to them to feel that they are safe. And to really know what they're thinking. Good thing now, communication has been made very easy for us!

Now in our generation, we can almost communicate anywhere. Heck when I even went to the province (in the boonies/mountains man!) people and farmers all had mobile phones already. Some even had better phones that I have. And now technology has surpassed itself by letting people communicate from computer to computer. But now, we can also communicate from computer to mobile phone! One such example is TalkTalk. Talktalk offers reliable and fast services and not to mention Free Broadband. There are many kinds of broadband plans and freebies such as landline calls that would be suitable to anyone's likings. Based mostly in UK, I am sure that people who have loved ones there and abroad would have more convenience in communicating with one another using TalkTalk. More information can be found on their site. Surely, TalkTalk is a help for anybody with relatives there! Go try it now! =)

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