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Sunday, January 27, 2008
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Now that I'm on a money earning spree, I've had thoughts of opening up an online store but unfortunately, I don't have any products to sell nor do I have a website to operate it on. I am only just forced to sell and post on forums but that isn't really reliable right? I mean how can I keep track of everything I've sold so far right? And I would want my buyers to be able to navigate and buy at their own pace and with ease. If I open an online store someday, I would want shopping cart software that has loads of useful features at an affordable price! Good thing online sellers now can use Ashop Commerce, the leading provider of ecommerce software in the net! Its an award winning software with tons of features and not to forget, good customer service! Online sellers are lucky that they can have the best technology operating on their very own online business! Go and get the best shopping cart in town =)

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