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Monday, January 28, 2008
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Wow! I can't believe I posted thrice today! It's the first time that's ever happened to this lil old blog of mine! I guess it's because of this sudden pay-per-post thing! So far I've joined Smorty and Blogsvertise. I have 3 pending posts to Smorty ($24 in total) and my blog's still pending on Blogsvertise. I can't wait to get my very first cash earned online! Yey! hehe. Pls do click on mylot too and join the discussions! It's really fun! hehe

It's the fourth quarter and I just realized that I have to study to the nth power just to get to the top five of my batch. I don't want to fail my parents nor myself. I have to do everything I can to be able to succeed though so brain cells, get ready to fight!

I have my very own private blog now! Ate Val is so generous in giving away 50 subdomains and I'm one of the lucky few! I just have to edit it a bit and will tell you guys when it's up. I wanna thank Ate Lhyz sooo much for setting up my wordpress blog! I didn't know how to operate it and she gave me a helping hand! *hugz* Thanks po mga ates!!! =)

Wow, now I know the feeling of Hercules when turned from a zero to a hero. Yesterday was finally the competition of the our Lang Song (chinese group declamation contest), the one we've been practicing since.. September or October I think. Wow, how many shouting and memorizing that took and we suffered from the verbal attacks of the head teacher complaining that we didn't have enough emotions (even though I was draining all my emotions already, I tell ya I was spent with every practice) and that we didn't have "yui tsi" (i'm sorry I don't know the english translation of this) I felt so infuriated that our efforts weren't seen but it all paid off when we got the 2nd prize! YAHOO! I must say we did well even though we looked like some waitresses at a Chinese resto~! Lolz! We looked so weird but it was worth it! Now I wish our chinese teachers continue the exemption since we brought home 10kphp! Yahoo! Here's our pic! More pics on my multiply!

Me and Chair! Naku, mga waitresses nga diba?

2nd Place!! So HAPPY! hehe

Share ko lang bagong haircut ko! Na hindi naman mukhang bago... naku mukha akong bangag! Small eyes!!

Man I'm so tired these past few weeks doing computer project ( I dedicate at least 4 hours every sunday on it), filipino project, then staying for passion play. My teacher also added me on the economics team for the quiz bee this coming Feb. January 30 marks our written exam! Hope we'll be able to qualify! =)

Study study study, life's not always about studying right? Konting tiis nalang...

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