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Wednesday, January 23, 2008
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Finally, I can blog easily again! One of my lame reasons not to blog is because of the tasking job of logging in to blogger, and then you have to click a lot of links. But now, thanks to Ate Val's suggestion of Deepest Sender (well i wasn't able to use it because there were too many bugs and when I tried to fix it, I thought that I totally crashed my mozilla firefox! Almost panicked! haha), I have now found another Mozilla addon that works perfectly fine and that is ScribeFire (Love ya!!) Now I can blog more conveniently.

Man, I'll be graduating in 2 months. In just 2 months, I'll be saying Sayonara to St. Jude Catholic School and I can't help being relieved. I feel so suffocated there, I just don't know why. It's as if they always keep on trying to fit in more water in a glass of water but it's already overflowing! That's the feeling you get in SJ. Now don't think I'm not grateful to SJ. SJ has been my 2nd home. I've spent more time there than anywhere else on the earth. Just ask my dad who complains that I practically live there. So I hope that you can also relate with me when I say I wanna do something drastic at graduation, like have a pi tzi bonfire or something. It'll be soo cool! hehe

I don't have the energy to FORCE myself to study anymore. I think I'll just go on my own pace, must enjoy the last few weeks at SJ. Prom's coming up this Feb 16 at Edsa Shang. I'm not as excited as last year (This is my 3rd prom btw, heehe) but I think my gown's more classy. We're having a Hollywood theme this year and I think I like it.

Passion Play's also coming up, clearly the Seniors BIGGEST project. As in UBER. We incorporated some modern themes to add a twist to the usual Passion and Death of Christ. It'll be really cool I think. You go Tedmund, Dani R and all the cast and crew!!!

How come the feeling of being bonded in the class seems to be fading? And to think that we're gonna sponsor our last mass next week. Lord, let there be a miracle!

"Dolla Dolla Bills Ya'l..." keeps ringing in my ears and all I see are green stuffs again. I can't stop thinkinh about earning money so I'm active at mylot again. I'm not sure if I can post 50 discussions in a day though but I'll try. Only a few cents left till my payout! I just can't wait! Why don't you join me guys at mylot? Click here!! I'm also thinking of selling some stuffs on ebay this summer like maybe a USB watch (it's a watch with a USB in it, do you think people will buy it?) And I'm also thinking of selling my Maroon 5 ticket (Anybody want one? heehee) and maybe occasionally make some mango float for me to sell. I'm also thinking on the Pay per post, but I can't seem to sign in. I've already submitted my blog to another PPP site, just forgot the name... lolz!! hehe.

I'm so sorry sis if my post seems to be all cluttered and disorganized! I'm trying to type as fast as I can. Maybe I'll post again tomorrow now that I have ScribeFire. *evil laughs* BWAHAHHA! lolz

Well tc guys!
Updates when I update! :cool

P.S. Ate Val has a private blog project! Hehe I hope I get to be a part of it... Thanks Ate!!! =)

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