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Wednesday, September 12, 2007
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So it's September already and I've basically just posted 2-3 times last August. I really really wish my zest for blogging would come back. Everytime I try to go to blogger, something keeps holding me back and I can't say now it's all because of homework.

Let me just give you guys a quick recap of what's happened in my life (parang teleserye noh? lolz!)

The results of my periodical examinations were quite... unexpected. I thought that I'd totally flunk the Physics exam but it turns out, I got a passing 90! Lord really does love me! :yay Same goes for my TLE exam too. Who'd have thought that I'd get a 98??! It's really crazy! Plus for the first time since last year, I didn't get one single 80+! Yahooo!!

My last Filipino program in Saint Jude currently concluded last Sept 7 and I can say that it was a blast! Nope I didn't play any major roles (well there was this 'losers' competition but I won't delve further..) but I was soo happy that the Seniors pulled it off and gave a great show! Everyone danced to the max and we showed everyone what we could do! =) Now we really have to study harder guys..

I've also been bitten by the reading bug again. Despite the busy schedule, I (barely!) managed to catch the annual Book Fair at WTC! I was kind of disappointed since nothing interested me much there ( I did see a Scientology booth! A REAL SCIENTOLOGY BOOTH that was giving FREE STRESS TEST! Maybe I should have tried one.. lolz! Oh and a Tsu-Chi group was just beside it! Kinda funny to think that 2 religious sects would be situated beside each other. lolz! there was a BIG difference in what they sold!) but I did get a rare find! Yann Martel's autobiography! He's my idol you know! lolz, I don't know if it's good though, if it's just like the Life of Pi, then I'm all for it! hehe.

Chair, you know Charmaine but I just wanna call her Chair, lolz!, also introduced me to J.R. Ward's Black Daggerhood series and boy, THEY'RE DELICIOUS! Oops, am going stark raving mad here, but seriously, the series is THAT GOOD! I've never been excited about a series for a loong time, not since Harry Potter or Sweep. But thankfully, the Brotherhood cast their enchantment upon me. Well in a nutshell the series revolves around a band of brothers, made up of 5 HOT and handsome and fearsome VAMPIRES (Wrath, Rhage, Vishous, Phury and Zsadist - LOVE the names!), whose sole purpose is to protect the Vampire society from the lessers, who are the vampire killers. Currently, the vampires' numbers have greatly declined and so have the lessers, so the only pure-blood vampire left on earth has to do something. The series now has 4 books out there and the 5th one's coming out this month! I can now officially call Ward, a frikking genius, because her characters are portrayed so intensely and humanely (plus they're HOT!). She makes you keep wanting for more after every book, so you can just imagine me finishing the 4th book and finding out that I have to wait for a 5th book pa. This series is definitely a must-read for anybody over 16! =) Thanks soo much Chair for recommending this to me! Am forever indebted to you! =)

I haven't explained the meaning of the title yet. Lately, I've noticed that even if 2 people speak the same language, learned the same words, these 2 people would still misunderstand each other. Doesn't it always happen? When a person calls out to someone, "YO!" he/she might either turn and say "YO!" back or take offense. Miscommunication is such a nuisance. I'm saying this now because a HUGE/HUMONGOUS/GIGANTIC/TITANIC misunderstanding erupted within the halls of the seniors' floor which nearly shattered the trust and respect people had for us, and for each other. This problem caused such a ruckus between 2 sections, within 1 section, and within the faculty and within the whole batch! I don't wanna remember this anymore since I think the angry tide has already drifted to the other seas. But now I fully realize how powerful miscommunication is. It hurts people and to me, people get hurt because of such a silly thing. Miscommunication is a silly and evil thing!!

I also want to pay my respects to Luciano Pavarotti and Alex, the intelligent parrot for inspiring a lot of people. To Pavarotti, the man with the tremendous voice who revolutionized opera and influenced the opera "pop" singers today (JOSH GROBAN!! ROX!). To Alex, the parrot who greatly impressed me with his VAST knowledge of vocabulary (200 words I think) and for being such a cute African grey parrot. You have influenced a lot of parrots across the globe. =) Rest in Peace.... =)

On a lighter side of things, it's back to the Panda News! Do you think I should have a name for this little segment of mine? Is Panda Hotstuffs okay? lolz! :haha

Now I will be featuring.... PANDA DOGS!

They're not actually an "it" or "thing" but that's what makes them even cuter! To think that you can have your own miniature Panda at home! heehee. And the best part is you don't have to buy bamboos all the way from China! hehe. They're really just dogs dyed black and white but still you can't take away the uncanny resemblance to the real thing can you? hehehe. THEY ARE JUST SO ADORABLE! Maybe I should dye my own dogs... kidding! hehe.

Well guess I'd better stop! hehe
Updates when I update! =) :cool

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