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Monday, April 02, 2007
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I've been meaning to write since... I don't know. Well I've been meaning to write but I kept getting sidetracked and before I knew it, my bro's birthday has passed, March has passed, and these advance lessons have arrived! Arrghh and it's the Holy Week pete's sake! Oh well... I'll give everything to the Lord this week... My time and my work. I hope He's happy =) hehe
Oh and I just punk'd someone for the first time! I won't tell how or who but whoa, it's a nice feeling punking someone on April Fool's day! It wasn't that mean or anything but it's nice to let your naughty self out in the sun once in a while =) Hope ya had fun last April Fool's day! =)
Since my brother has pestered me long enough that I can't play a video game for more than a week without getting tired, I'm trying to finish Kingdom Hearts 2 for him. I can say that I am enjoying immensely, not only in proving him wrong but the perks of seeing all my fave disney characters alive once again! I just miss Simba, Ariel, Mickey, and everyone in Disney. Cartoons today aren't the same as they used to be. What happened to the beautiful and artistic animations and not to mention compelling stories now? Everyone just seems to be dishing out 3-D animal movies which don't even have a good story to tell! Sighs...
Congratulations to all the graduates of 2007!! Weee you all did an amazing job! I'll really miss this batch =) It feels weird being the oldest in the school.... creepers jeeperz!
Oh and did I tell you that I'm the second honor in our class? Stephie also got it too! *told ya ya had Stephie! I knew you'd have it!* Congrats to us and all the honor students! yey!! =)
Congratulations to all the graduates of 2007!! Weee you all did an amazing job! I'll really miss this batch =) It feels weird being the oldest in the school.... creepers jeeperz!
I've been the second-placer for 3 consecutive years now and I just don't know. I want to change that (for the better) this year. It is my last year after all so maybe I've grown an extra layer of thick skin and I'll be able to pull off what I want this year. I hope that the dropping of my medal on the middle on the stage meant something. (Yeah that medal-dropping-on-the-floor really DID happen and it was MORTIFYING) Like what my dad said, the medal probably screamed, "WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING ALL THIS TIME??" Or something like that... I was happy still though because I got a special award =) and my English grade finally reached 90 on the 4th quarter column! Yippee! I swore I'd get it and I did! yey!

omg, I'm such a dweeb.. forgive me guys!
April. April's hopefully a good month. Even though activities have already filled up my schedule
Image hosted by JLTC is starting!
Image hosted by Advance Math
Image hosted by DLSU Computer camp (yey! i'm looking forward to this one!)
Image hosted by Badminton lessons
Image hosted by Swimming lessons (still not sure)
Image hosted by Play! (okay so this is a leisure thing. yey!)
, this month is going to be something special. Instead of feeling like a robot programmed to do every command my mother barks, this time I have a purpose. Everything for once seems worth the while. Everything seems to be REAL.
So surprise surprise! I'm not depressed THAT much anymore. I've even started reading one of dad's old presents (his presents equal to vocabulary word power books.. blech! ey don't tell him I said that! kidding! hehee) and enjoyed knowing that the word "courier" literally means "one who runs". It's either I'm not depressed or I've totally flipped my mind. I'd like to think of the former if you mind.. hehehe =)
Again.. I am such a dweeb. lolz!
I think I'll be posting some pics of our cute little puppies on my multiply to get my mind off everything... like the future for example...
Updates when I update! =) :cool

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