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Tuesday, April 10, 2007
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It's another day of math advance classes. Honestly, I have no idea why we're concentrating on geometry when I'm supposed to be studying advance algebra or at least pre-calculus. I did hear that they're gonna teach us financial education this week and I guess that'll be helpful =) We made snowflakes though using GeometrySketchPad. Totally cool! =) lolz
Yey I earned $4 now at mylot! I think this is a great achievement since only joining 4 days ago =) Basically I'm earning a dollar a day but who cares? It's still precious moolah and I'll try to bug my parents to give me a part time job. I'll also be selling some books so pls contact me if you're looking for something. =)
My cousins and I finished the kitchen puzzle a while ago and I'm soo happy! Good thing we'll be able to frame it at once since our neighbor is frames all. It's been a year since I built one and I'm gonna go find a new puzzle tonight! Mom just told us that we're going to podium later on! I'm hoping to find some disney characters or something medieval.
I've entered more online contest and am trying to test my luck. Both of them offer music players (Zune and Ipod video 80gb!!) and I hope everything goes well!
I just came home from the doctor and got some booster shots for the flu and typhoid fever. I'll be coming back in a month for hepa A and B AND Pneumonia which I heard HURTS LIKE HELL! I have to admit that I'm a bit wuss when getting my shots because I always anticipate the pain. Why am I like this? It's really so hard to be scared so often. I'm such a sissy... sniff... can you recommend a pill for becoming braver? hahaa =)
I've also got some awful news! Remember that I told you that I was playing Kingdom Hearts 2? I was already like 40% finished the game but then it stopped loading after the scene with Stitch at the control room! Why is it?? I also experienced SUPER LONG LOADING TIME and found out through mylot that I'm the only one experiencing this. I guess it's time to say bye bye to KH2. I'll have to buy another one (fake lang kasi. lolz) or maybe wait for the KH2+mix! It includes KH: Chain of memories that was only available to gameboy! So what to do...what to do??
Oh and my brother's off in his fantasy land again and he wants to buy this Jeep commander which he HOPES we can afford it. I gave him a lecture that he's already a college and doesn't have a part time job yet he wants to buy a JEEP? I know it has great mechanics and features (It's perfect for traveling and look it even has GPS and a comp in it!~) but he should at least help pay for it. I want to buy a DS or a PSP so I'm earning it. Does anyone have any odd jobs out there that you don't want to do? I'm willing to do it =)
Well tc now guys!
Updates when I update!
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