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Friday, April 06, 2007
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PLUGS: Meredith, Nadja, Sarabeth

Gahh Missed ya Meredith and Nadja! *high fives*! Sorry if I'm being dramatic, it's been so long! lolz. hehee =)

Well it's Good Friday everyone and 3pm just passed... i decided to pass a silent little prayer to God asking forgiveness. Hope ya all gave time to pray a little today =) Holy Week's always had meaning to me after watching Christ's life in the movies. It always brings me to tears so I always give a prayer for forgiveness. I did abstain today! Unlike last year's. hehe. It's all fish and noodles today (plus banana cake!) hehe
Since everything's closed, I stayed home the whole day, no vacation for us! I guess it's because we gotta abstain from the things we love. So I decided to abstain watching movies and reading books but I opened the internet and just browsed forums for part time jobs. I couldn't find any (just Mcdo) but I wanted to find something that could be done at home. I decided to sell some of my books and earrings and then I found Let's see what happens after a month. Will tell ya all the details!
So it was a boring day..... I took an I.Q. test though (got from Ate Shari's site -- congrats pala Ate!! Winner of Best Personal Blog sa 2007 Philippine Blog Awards!) and here's the result!
Score 92.5 %
I.Q. 142

( Well above average - not bad for someone who otherwise is dull and ignorant )

Personality Although exceptionally intelligent you are exceptionally boring. this is why you are shunned by normal people.
Self Esteem You mistake other people's repulsion as respect. As a result you consider yourself to be popular. Your egotism will crumble when you realise that you are an exceptionally clever moron.
Emotional You tend to fall in love with people you glimpse in the street. Due to your egotism you believe that they love you too (even though they didn't even see you) Subsequently you sit by the phone, somehow expecting them to track you down and plead with you to marry them.
Honesty You are a complete scoundrel.
Other Traits

You love love and would do anything to have a relationship with someone of the opposite sex - no matter how hideous they looked..

Disorders You have a latent fear for the letter X. Now that it has been pointed out you will never read a book again.

You are masturbating incorrectly.

Career Suitability Dictator of a small communist country.


Crash Test Dummy

The funny thing is not the result... Stephie and I got the SAME result! Great minds think alike! hehehee =)
Well I'll be trying out MyLot now!! Toodz!! hehe. If interested, check it out here!!

Updates when I update! =) :cool

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