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Sunday, April 29, 2007
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I'm back after a LOONG AND FUUNNN WEEK! Another long and fun week you say?? haha!!

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Okay, so what I'm going to do here now is dedicate this whole post to my fellow DLSU campers so this post will be entirely green if you know what I mean =)

So Monday was our first day. We were required to be there by 7 am but I was used to it since our training last last week required us to be at school around 6:45 am but for some reason, I was quite... late. I didn't realize that going to La Salle took a LONGER time so Jin and I arrived around 7:15 and we met Joan right outside the campus. We were the 31st, 32nd and 33rd people to go inside (they gave us these brown envelopes with numbers. COOL. haha!). We immediately saw Stephie and Unisse and yey of course we stuck together. I was quite amused when I found out why they required us to go there at 7am and it was because they had to take our photos! lolz Anyways, by the time i
t was 8am, they started handing out IDs with different color straps. I remember a big guy (si Kuya Arvin pala ito) going around holding a black ID strap and looking for the owner. I wasn't really expecting it to be mine because I was hoping to get a red one (i really like red.... hahaha~) but yep, it was mine!! It looks COOL though!

So when they started dividing us into teams, my face sort of turned greenish because I was separated with all my friends and I saw very different but somehow familiar faces (you have no idea how many people looked A LOT like my classmates/batchmates/friends). It was nerve-wracking too to be sort of one of the 2 only fairish girls in the black team but as the day progressed, the feeling of being in a new family (sort of like the feeling with your section) started to kick in. In my case, I was in the family BLACK team. =)

I don't think I'd be able to explain much of the feelings I experienced this week. I can't explain what it felt like meeting people of different backgrounds and habits and the feeling of being accepted like that. Like the first day, I was really surprised that I was able to get along well with students in Mirriam College, St. Peter, St. Stephen, UNO, Paco Manila, Lourdes, Jubilee, and a lot more. I became closest to Issa and Elysia and Karla during the first few days but then I started becoming closer to the rest of the guys and gals namely, Nikki, Dan, Jerico, Jerick, Engle, Alfred and Cyril. You have no idea how the phrase, "First Impressions Last" IS SO WRONG! It's not right to criticize people based on rumors or looks or even ethnicities. In the end, we're all just the same people, the same students who wanted to learn more about Computer.

This week at Computer Camp is one of th
e best experiences of my life and I am so thankful to the facilitators especially to my BLACK TEAM's: Ate Rech and Kuya Arvin:, Ate Erika and Kuya Adrian, and the profs and Sir Paul for putting this whole thing together! You guys have no idea how much I've learned here about Computers. Sayang dapat 1 month nalang! I've learned so many free softwares from Ma'm Kiran that I haven't finished downloading them all! And of course, she taught us an excellent way of making powerpoints! And I've learned finally to make 3D images! Thanks so much! Ang ganda rin ng "year cd" namin! whoot!

And of course, thanks so much to my new-found friends! (kahit hindi kayo nasa black team!) The BLACK and RED team have become a GREAT pair (naalala niyo ba guys ung Amazing Race sa first day! GRABE ANG SAYA!! tayo 1st!)! I also will never forget Bad Boy (i think you know that everyone calls you that? haha!), Eds, Danna, Kevin, Princess, Pat,
Candice, Jerinae, Joyce , Den, Gemi and Adrian (remember the the TAYA group? haha we did a good job guys!!) and syempre the rest of the campers!! But, the BLACK TEAM, you guys are the special ones!! I'll never forget Alfred and Englebert's fooling around, the leadership of Dan (naks, St. La salle award!) the wackiness of Karla and Nikki, Jerico and Cyril (promil kid!), the suaveness of Jerick and the coolness of Issa and Elysia. (plus me to finish black team!) CONGRATS SA ATIN FOR BEING THE CHAMPION TEAM! WHOOT! (expression galing kay karla). Like what Dan said, "HAIL LA SALLE! HAIL THE BLACK TEAM!". Uy, reuion uli ah!!

Black Team

Lahat lahat na!

Grabe, I think this post is long enough! Kitakits uli someday guys! Someday... again =)

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