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Friday, March 23, 2007
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Yey got a new link!! Pls check out Joanna's site!! It's freaking purply cool! hehee =)

So what's up with the title? No I haven't been watching Spongebob Squarepants nor reading any pirate love stories. It has something to do with two very important events that had happened YESTERDAY....2 accidents that involve that shiver-down-your-spine feeling. It's no laughing matter though (well maybe it's only the first one)

What do you do when you hear your parents talking about your brother having a car accident after dreaming about him being missing?? (and somehow we found him -- in my dream that is) Well the first thing that I did was check if I was still dreaming. I mean seriously that's what I did. My brother had project that was due today so he was over at his classmate's house on Wed but unfortunately, they finished around 1am but good thing he drove their himself so he can get home. So naturally there would be no cars at 1 am right? What he didn't realize was that Paco Manila had a lot of container trucks. The 10-wheeler kind. And what's worse is he drove into a one-way street so you can now connect the dots... And bam!! Car hits the dang 10-wheeler truck and skids an almost 200 degree turn. OMG I am so thankful that my brother WAS NOT HURT! Can you imagine the luck? I think God really told him that he wasn't ready to go yet because

1. he drove our Safari, the one with the big bull bar and that helped TREMENDOUSLY. It's because he usually drives this teeny weeny gold Echo car that would have been smashed when it hit the truck.
2. he hit the truck's front and not the containers coz if it were the containers... WHOA BOY... Goodbye my brother. But thankfully only the front was damaged.

Man he is so thankful to God that he swears to ban himself from driving for a few weeks coz that was definitely a VERY traumatic experience. If I were in his shoes, I think I would have froze on the spot and be dead before the truck even hits me. Now bro drive carefully!!
The scary thing about this part is I was DREAMING ABOUT HIM at the exact time the accident happened. Well I have no idea if it was at the same time but I went to sleep around 12 am so it's got to be around that time. My father fetched him and they came home around 5am. I can't believe I was the only one here who was able to sleep that night!! Man so scary... I can't recall much of my dream but I think it started with us living in this apartment style buidling and I told my neighbor that my brother was missing so we looked for him. At first we really couldn't find him but eventually we did. and then I woke up to the sounds of my parents whispering about the accident and I had GOOSEBUMPS all over.SCARY!! *shivers*

So I skipped scouting grad prac because the driver wasn't there yet and my dad obviously couldn't drive and my bro still had classes. I did go to our 3berrific outing though and boy I was able to SKATE!! Remember my last post about skating for the first time? (well maybe you guys don't remember... hehe) I couldn't let go of the railings back then. As in I just held on to the railings for dear life, never wanting to let go. I was the only who didn't learn how to skate that day and it was kind of embarrassing. The skates scratched my foot too so it was an unpleasant experience. But this time was different because more people came and most of them knew how to skate!! I'm so thankful to Karen, Dan, Raichi and the others for being so patient with me because I was always the one left behind doing my microsteps. I was able to get off the railing this time and I'm proud of it! I can get across the skating rink too but I still need a lot of people to help me with my confidence. Now I have to learn how to accelerate and get that I'm-about-to-fall perception out of my head. Neil tried to fix it by leaning on me and causing me to fumble backwards and fall on my behind! OUCH! And he even did that twice! Sorry Neil! Now I'm afraid of you... LOLZ! Then we ate dinner and just chatted the time away with Ms. Bagsic. =) It was fun but I wished that the others would come next time! It would have been funner! We were only 20 btw. There will be next times as Timms said.... coz he's the one who's going to organize it! YEAH! Miss ya 3b!! Uy panoorin natin movie sa march 30 OR 31!! =)
Sa 2c naman... MAN I TOTALLY MISS ALL OF U!! If you're asking kung wala pa tayong outing... well it's maybe because of someone who I pushed out of the classroom... HEHEHE So baka sa April or near pasukan na tayo!! WAHHH.. I'll try next week pero kung ala talaga... IM SO SORRYY!! *sniff* Basta abangan niyo nalang ah! There will BE and outing! THERE WILL!! hehee =)
I'm making progress on my reading list again! Now I'm on to Sophie Kinsella's Shophaolic and Baby! It's the fifth installment of the Shopaholic series! Man that Becky Bloomwood---I mean Brandon--- has done it again! I find her very hilarious but sometimes, she could use some whacking on the head... heehee!
Life's slowed down a bit after scouting graduation. OMG! I forgot to tell you that I decided to gon our JLT (Junior Leader) training which required us to do an OJT (on-the-job) training and the results our out... I'm under-probation UP!! yey! which means I'm still under probation but on a more positive note. I think. I just wished Karen had been under probation too! Wahhz... karen KAY!!!! hehee... I hope to do my best now!!! THANK THE LORD!!
So I guess I better end this post now but I'll end it with a warning... PLS BE VERY CAREFUL THIS YEAR! According to Chinese beliefs, this Year of the Pig brings a lot of accidents and casualties (i.e. my 2 dogs died, car accident recently, etc) so be extra careful this year!! *hugz* My mum has already gone full speed ahead at preventing these accidents by reading up on feng shui and decorating our house like mad with these chinese stones, crystals, etc so our house is starting to look like some... weird home with lots of ornaments. We still have the clutter problem though... sighs..
Well gotta go!
Updates when I update! =) :cool

*just a quickee!*
Who here still watches American Idol?? OMG I can't believe I forgot to discuss this show! Since the start of season 3, I've started placing bets on who might be the winner and I usually get it right coz it's either the winner or the top 2 (I guessed Fantasia and she did win! then it was carrie -- i voted this girl the minute I saw her at auditions and then there was kath mcphee, the 2nd last year) Now, my bet this time will be Melinda Dolittle because... aww come on, I don't need to explain anything. Just listen to her sing and she just wants to make you cry for some reason. She's that good! I don't think she'll win the prize though coz... music industry is a superficial industry and they might want younger and more beautiful stars there so maybe Jordin might win. I'll still hope for Melinda though!! But besides Melinda, Lakisha, Jordin and maybe Blake, no one else is singing right. Like SANJAYA THERE! HE HAS GOT TO GO!! If only it weren't for Melinda, I would have banned myself from watching this season. And Hayley shouldn't even have gotten in the first place! Darnnit! PLS VOTE WELL AMERICA! that's all I'm saying... hehee Well here ends my quickee heehee =)

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