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Monday, March 19, 2007
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Yey I have plugs again!! Miss you Ate Lin!! I miss rin Ate Kitty, Ate Scart, Ate Val, lahat ng mga kablogmates ko! hehee. Suddenly I feel very happy that I'm back here sa blogosphere. Check out Steph's blog too! She's got loads new update and check out her fab new lay!! hehe. When will I change mine?? HMmm.... Inspiration???
I've got loads of updates too by the way! I've added widgets (check out my ETC section) and you can now play this awesome Warcraft-inspired mini game. COOL MAN! heehe. I've also added an IMEEM playlist in my sidebar so if you want to tune in for some tunes, go click that play button!
Sighs... I feel that summer is NOT slowly fading away. In short, it's fading away FAST. Aside from the fact that it's my last summer in SJ (whimper...), I can't help but feel the pressure of our class clearance, organize outings, organize food for our party, ready myself for entrance exams, take recreational classes and more! I'm just soo tired... But at the same time I'm being a lazy goon. My current motto has something to with vikings. Read, play, watch, eat and be MERRY! Man am such a pig. Hopefully I'll be able to lose these flabs next prom! hahhaa speaking of prom, it was a fun fun night! Check out my multiply for pics! Guess who's me!! lolz
I've been anticipating watch 300 (the movie) and I finally got my wish last night! I've been wanting to watch this since it started hitting the trailers last year. I have this sort of passion for artsy films and I guessed that I would be definitely in for treat! And I was right, a treat of gore and bloodshed. I didn't mind it though because it was too beautifully (?? am i sick??) portrayed. Frank Miller gave an awesome storyline so I wasn't disappointed. The actors (Gerard Butler was King Leonidas?? How on earth did he transform from being a hunky phantom to a hunky Spartan king?? LOLZ!) also did a great job so for me, this movie would be a GO for all movie fans with a STRONG stomach (i can't ignore the fact that the action is a bit... EXTREME). Man, can you imagine the pride and faith of those 300? I admire their iron-will and determination, and their dedication. I think we would all learn something from this like leadership, teamwork and hard work.
Man this post has turned into a movie review! LOLZ! heehe. So I'll still be updating and I;ve stayed for good. Till next time!

Updates when I update! hehee =) :cool

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