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Thursday, March 15, 2007
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A long time ago in a galaxy far far away........................when Tiffany still blogged....

Hehee you might all be wondering why I'm stealing.. I meant ahem, BORROWING the star wars intro. It's probably because I think it's been a LONG LONG TIME ago in a GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY since I've written here. I mean can you imagine it? The last time I wrote in here was October 2006! 2006 people! And it's already March 14, 2007! I'm quite pathetic am I? I think I've just got disconnected to blogging. Words weren't flowing freely as they used to me. My interest has gone below zero that I've neglected updating even the smallest details here like links, etc! Man am I pathetic!

But this pathetic loser does have a reason as always =) hehehe. Just one word to sum it all up: SCHOOL. And boredom too. I won't recall everything now coz it's just too much to handle. I'll just make a list of my memorable experiences last year

1. English Speech Choir! (3rd place ain't soo bad! heehee)
2. Chemistry Magic Show (the ultimate cramming experience!)
3. Threeberrific retreat and field trip! (LOADS OF PICS!)
4. SPORTSFEST (the upset! the drama!!)
5. Book reports (dorian gay i meant, gray)
6. Jody and Einstein, R.I.P.
7. Welcome Rocky, the cute golden retriever!
8. L.A. and Happy gave birth
9. RnJ, well I was one of the backstage people... hahha
10. PROM!! (man, I was sick here!)
11. Passed De La Salle Computer Camp (WOOHOO!!)
12. Threeberrific coke plant tour (yeah more pics!)
13. duh. SUMMER!!! YEY!!!

Heeheee man that was fun =)

If you want to check out what it's been like the past... *counts fingers* 5 months, pls check out my multiply =) ADD ME too! heehee. Same name, same address, different uh... sites. Teehee.
So I'll be making major updates (i'll start with the links!!) and now I'm sure that you'll be hearing from me soon. =) This is my official first post in 5 months, but hopefully i'll become more emooey in the coming posts. TOODLEZ PEEPZ! heehee =)

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