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Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Image hosted by Crazy bookie week!!

I have no idea why I wrote that.

Okay am completely crazy but it's normal right? Crazy IS normal. And being normal for me is being crazy. Enough about craziness and I'll move on to my topics now! =)

How do you deal with writer's block? Or how do you deal with writing your English term paper? I would normally cram it at the latest hour (just like what I did in my last book report -- Picture of Dorian Gray) but I decided to change. I'll try to write as soon as my internet connection comes to life. It's so easy to forget things especially for a very forgetful person so I will try to change this habit. weee!!

Sighs... man this week is totally fully-booked. I've got organize food party tomorrow, practice grad on thurs plus go to our 3berrific outing (YEY!!), graduation on friday and hopefully another outing on saturday (2c!! pero di sure... wahhz)! And then the next week, would be the start of studying. UGH. Oh well..

Today's my lazy day though. I finally lessening the pile of unread books (I just recently read Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, Blue Shoes and Happiness by Alexander McCallSmith and The Testament by Josh Grisham. Finished Seasons 1&2 of HOUSE too and watched Pan's Labyrinth and Flushed Away!! Just check out for my multiply for reviews. I'll probably review them later =) I think I'm gonna do another reading list again. I can't wait to start flipping those pages!! Man am such an addict. lolz

Man these are the reasons why I'm getting fat. I did follow religiously the article on Reader's Digest that you have stand up after every half hour or so and I do walk when I read. Walk around in circles that is. heehee. Maybe that's why I've been so tipsy lately.

I also can't help noticing that whatever I watch or read or do, everything has something to do with a profession (duhr Tiff) and it has got me thinking (again) what the hell do I want to become. Being refreshed by books and movies about having professions has helped a LOT. Now I can absolutely say, that this Tiff K, will never be a lawyer (pls don't let me dishearten you). I just can't be around deceitful environments (meaning courtrooms). I will also never be a teacher. I just can't explain things that well. I'm considering business, computer and medicine though. Watching HOUSE has made me realize that doctors can save lives while living their own so I don't mind if I have an M.D. at the end of my name. It sounds cool too. lolz! But my dream job would most definitely be working for Disney or Apple. My what plans, I wish that I would soon realize which one I really want.

One thing's for sure though, I would definitely go to Africa. I have no other idea why, but I want to go to Africa and do an Angelina Jolie (not the adoption part). I'd brave the sweltering heat and go there and meet the people. I think it sounds very fulfilling. I want to help... Oh am going nowhere now.

Well gotta go and fix my brain now.
Updates when I update! :cool =)

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