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Sunday, October 22, 2006
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Man it's been so long (4 months?? 5???) that I almost forgot how to operate blogger again. Man, it is been soo long! Do I still have my smilies here?? My mind's all messed up so I don't know how to begin... should I start with saying how my third year is? Or what happened today? Or about the typhoon?? Just miss ya all soo much! I have been bloghopping again these past few days and I have noticed that there are already a lot of dead links so I gotta change them but there are still those that are still alive and kicking! Thanks to those who have kept in touch =)

Well 3rd year has been MURDEROUS and vicious but after spending 5 months of being a junior, i've grown a little used to it but the stress still overwhelms me. I mean I never thought that I would become like my bro, sleeping for only 3-4 hours a day only and then having to stash enormous info the next day in my little brain.. Sometimes it's just too much... Sighs.. Well don't wanna talk about it... coz exams have just ended so gotta get all the REST i can!

Sorry to the guys who are bored with my layout. Unfortunately you won't be seeing anything new for a while.. unless inspiration strikes! heehee.

We just had our procession today (feast of Saint Jude!) and I'm quite glad that I was the prayer leader a while ago so I got to stay in an air-conditioned van while praying! Yey! No scorching heat for us!! haahaaa! Well I don't mind walking coz it's actually fun but the heat was intense a while ago! Hope the others weren't that bothered though... heehee

So tomorrow's our supposed to be rest day then we go back to school for 3 days then it's SEMBREAK, the break everyone's been dying to have!! I'll be going to Boracay with my uncle and aunt for 4 days and I hope it'll be fun! I haven't been to a beach for years! Don't have anything to use........... AHH!! Oh well =)

Well guess I gotta go guys! Sorry if my return isn't exactly official or anything. I mean... I could be gone again.... Hope you guys are doing well! =) Will visit ya!! TC!!!!! =)

Updates when I update! :hehe

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