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Thursday, June 01, 2006
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Oops! Sorry, I forgot how bright the screen of this laptop was. LOlZ. So how's it going guys? I know I have disappeared once again from the cyber world but I realized that sometimes, you just need a break. Not just once, but twice or even more! I guess I just wanted to relax (actually I still had scouting practices and still had advance classes), play the PS2 (harvest moon rocks!), record a video, write using my blood (kidding!), learn how to skate (fell on my butt once and tore a portion of the epidermis of my foot - not kidding and i still don't know how to skate) and play with the pups. You know, I had to go on with normal stuff =) :hehe

I really wanna give a big HUG to all those guys who have kept in touch (and those who read the last 2 posts!) with me even though I haven't visited you guys for a while. I miss all of you guys soo much!! :heart Lately, I've been thinking of my plans with the internet and my own life. I'm being pressured again to studym study and study more coz it is my 3rd year but I don't know if I want to leave blogging. I don't want to permanently lose contact with you guys! But I have to take action. There would be no more regular posts and the span of time between each posts will probably be longer. In short, I'll probably post more randomly now. I do hope you guys would understand =) I will try to visit though every once in a while. Count on it! =)

Oh yeah! I can't believe that I'm gonna turn 16 in 4 days... I also can't believe that our scouting graduation will also be on that day!! Yikes! =(... I'm not used to going to school on my birthday since school usually starts later but. Oh well.. =) 16 is a big number right? And what does sweet 16 mean? I hope it rains ice cream and cakes... YUmm... But it would not help with my weight prob but birthdays are an exception. :hehe

Another thing that's been bothering me is the bordering 1st day of school..... June 13... June 13.... Frankly, up to now I still don't want to go to school. No matter how hard I try to anticipate it, I - just - can't. Maybe it'll gradually slap me in the face. Oh well =) heheee Wish me luck!!

Guess I gotta leave before I bored you guys to death. Well as I always say,

Updates when I update! =) :cool

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