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Sunday, June 25, 2006
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PLUGS : EVERYBODY! Wait.. there's no URL for everybody right? Sorry tamad me... hehee

IT'S OFFICIALL!! Panda will be AWOL (away on leave) for a very LOONG TIME (a very long time, meaning... forever! maybe..)! :wah Okay, maybe not forever but for a few months? Blame it on endless homeworks, activities, plays, prom (batch officer uli me! hehee), sportsfest, and other school-related (and maybe the TV too) activities.. so.. I am forced to take a hideously LONG ABSENCE. I'm sorry to my OL pals and affies (you know who you are!).. delete me if you want to but I'll try to go to your sites.. I sometimes just read your posts but I can't manage to comment on anyone.. Hope that you can forgive me... GOMEN!!!!!

So my layout was a hidden prophecy.. I will really be taking a vacation (except I don't wish anyone to be here with me studying.. or maybe.. hehe) inside the school. NEAT. sighs.. I guess this is goodbye... adieu... zai zien... paalam... sayonara... etc etc.. now.. Hope you understood this post! hehee

Updates when I update!! :cool

P.S. Who sells anime dvds here?? (off topic noh?? hehe) addicted me sa Mirumo de pon... hehee

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