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Monday, June 05, 2006
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Natamad ako gumawa ng new entry so I just posted it here nalang! OMG what am I doing OL today on our FIRST day of school! Gack! I just wanted to remind you guys that I may be gone for a few weeks or maybe even a month. Who knows. And I'm sorry if I won't be able to visit your sites regularly from now on. I really do miss you!! =)
Oh this first day was STRESSFUL! I'm the class pres again, and I also had to do my SPL (and I handle 2 sections! but I'm an assistant on the other one) duties. So just imagine me running around with my wild hair and sweating brow. If it's just the first day, I wonder what will day 100 be like?? Sighs... Hmm.. and my class has this weird atmosphere.. I just don't know. I do hope we all get along! I do miss 2C though! sighs.. The school has changed the curriculum too BIG time. And there are some annoying changes! Darn! Won't explain it anymore. I just hope that this year will be better. Well TC now guys! Got homework to do!

O harvest moon, why can't I play you anymore!! *cries dramatically*. hahaha =)

=) :cool

Happy Birthday to me?... happy birthday to me! heeheee

Birthdays are supposed to be happy right? That's why there's the song "Happy Birthday" but how come I feel so... UNhappy..?

Well it started yesterday when my father fell ill. He had some sort of severe diahrrea (is this how u spell it??? tama ba?? I've never won any spelling contests... well maybe 1) and kept going in the bathroom so all our appointments were cancelled. I was looking forward to spending some time with my family. You know, probably go watch a movie or eat out but dang, it was ruined. I don't blame my dad! Of course not! Just hate them little microbes that caused it! DIEEEEEEE YE VERMIINNSSS!!!!

And plus our car had a little accident too. Specifically, a dent in the front. It also involved my dad but he was not the one at fault. It was the crazy "councilor" (he proclaims that he's a councilor and has 12 frigging cars. HELLO?? WHAT R U DOING WITH 12 cars?? and did u use the money of the people????)'s fault. Imagine 4 lanes. 1st lane being closest to the opening for U-turn and 4th being the farthest. My father was in lane 1, a jeep in lane 2 and the crazy at lane 3. While my father was going at 40kph, this guy suddenly cuts through them trying to make a u-turn! So who's fault is it? I guess what ticked that guy off was his car got the most damage and tries to blame it on my father and this jeepney driver (he was hit both in the front and the back). Paris (our doggy) was also in the car and fortunately, they weren't hurt. Man, some politicians are just a pain in society noh? CRAZY!!!

Sighs... but good thing nothing terrible happened today. Well my dad's a bit better but still sick. Actually, my only birthday wish is for him to get better coz I don't wanna see him in pain like that. Who cares about cakes and candles when he's not even there to enjoy it? I did get a cake though.. and I'm sooooo thankful to my mom and dad!! I LOVE YA GUYS!! :heart

Bday cake! Yummy...

Today was our scout's graduation and at first, I thought that it would be just a bore and I really didn't like to go to school on my birthdays but I soon found out, that celebrating your birthday isn't really fun without your friends right?? I'm soo glad that I went coz I get to see all my friends and fellow scouts! THANKS GUYS!!!! (I wanna shout out to all my fellow SPLs - uy hindi na tayo trainees!!! - Keith, Jeannie, Char, Winnie, Freddy!, Peterson, Karen, Steph, Aileen, Chanel, Neri, Alyssa, Les, Kath, DG, JuaPao, Mark and Jona!!!! FLAVAHZ! and also to the JLs esp Daynel, Joan, and Raichiii!!! wannna thankkee Lourdie tooo!!) And to all those who greeted me, online or not, THANKS SOOO MUUUUCHHH!! =) And also to my Pinaytalk family! =) :heart

And I also have other news, I finally received Ate Kitty's package!! I won her first raffle held on her site's 1st anniversary and her parcel finally came! Grabe thanks sooo much ate ahhh!!! :heart I don't recall having notebooks as cute as these!! Here's the pic


Thanks talaga Ate ah!!! *hugz* Here's my gift ah! Sorry pangit handwriting ko... Hindi ko naman ung beautiful handwriting ng mom ko! heehee


So maybe my birthday turned out to be a happy one after all. I found out some new stuffs like birthdays are not only about you, but they're meant to be shared with everyone you love. So till my next birthday! =)

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Wahhh i don't wanna grow old...I don't mind physically growing but responsibilities? AGH!

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