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Sunday, May 14, 2006
Image hosted by A really really LONG post PART 1: Scouting


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*Belated* HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL MOMS OUT THERE!! I LOVE MY MOM!!! :heart Give your mom a hug for me oki?? (Hi Mommy Scart, Mommy Kitty and Mommy Laine!!)

I was intentionally writing this on Mother's Day but unfortunately.. my body couldn't take the pressure. heehee and anyway the battery on the laptop is getting low already. Yey! Did I tell you that we receieved the laptop already? Although it's a bit big, heavy, and the battery life is a bit short (how long does your laptop last??), am happy that we have one already!!! I's an Acer and the features are good =) :yay Now I can voice chat again! heehee.

I MISS YOU ALL SOO MUCH GUYS!!! =) :heart I can never quite express what I'm feeling right now coz it's good to be back. Do you guys want to know about my... "experience"? For those who have read my blog the past 2 years would have an idea on this.

Well, I joined the Senior Patrol Leadership Training Course (SPLTC) in our scouting movement with the hopes of becoming a SPL! I was a PL before and now I'm trying my chance on something harder. Hmm.. I don't really know if the training was harder than last year's because basically when you're just a novice, everything seems harder so I can say, that despite our more rigorous training, I felt that this year was probably the most memorable training!

First Day (monday) :
So ayun! Late on the first day, can you believe it? (Actually I had an alibi, I was only half day coz it was performace day and the culmination of our drama guild workshop and it was a success! The only that suck was climbing up 7 floors and going up and down and back again looking for your other peepz. And then running back to the other building for this training) And we had to bring a ton of things since as expected, we were going to make our "mini-corners" which will serve as our home throughout the training. Of course we brought a lot of abubot and stuff toys and food coz we have to make it look as homey as possible and CLEAN too! It was a good thing I knew everyone in our troop. Okay ba troop name namin? We're Troop Flavahz! di ba masarap? lolz. I was under Patrol Vanilla and frankly I had a hard time thinking of a cheer for us but thankfully I did! yeah! But we were terrible on our SAGO (you know, drills. Originally scouting never had any drills, only the CAT but our school included it in scouting so.. we're sort of like CAT but in a milder way, and no guns!!) and thus receieved a low grade. And tons of take-home assignments! Akala mo wala kaming assignments noh? We had lots to bring and we had to make, "gadgets". No, not gadgets as in laptops, cell phones but wooden gadgets. Here's a few examples. Straw ropes were used as means of tying these bamboos (SPLINTERS!! OUCH!!) and turning them into usable household furniture. Guess what I made? A clothes rack! It took me 5 hours of pulling and lashing just to make one! Grrraar!! :grr Oh well.. sacrifice!! We also have to make a border.. (out of bamboos of course)

Day 2 (tuesday)
My hands are already killing me and yet I paid no attention to it since I guess the point of lashing is to stand the pain so I did. Personally, I think we improved today and our grades were higher but it still wasn't enough. The senior staff (they're the recently graduated scout leaders who came back to train/lead/inspect us) weren't giving and considerations and demanded that we still LACKED a lot. I forgot to tell you guys that normally, there would be around 30 SPLs for the whole scouting movement, and guess how many we are? 18!! We were even outnumbered by the PLs by 15!! I wonder what will happen this school year.... hmmm.. Lord help us all. For our assignments, make a knot board ( 18 advanced knots) and upgrade my gadget. Turns out it wasn't stable enough so better upgrade it!! Took around another 5 hours.. And remember... I get home at 6 PM and you still have to eat dinner and take a bath....and...sleep... and make border...

Day 3(wednesday)
Waterfest!! Another thign you gotta remember in scouting, is to bring EXTRA everything and take it literally coz there will always be a Waterfest. I don't mind waterfests, in fact, I LOVE COLD water during a HOT HOT summer but... why do it after we're all sweating and puffing? I mean, won't we get sick because of that?? Well it was fun anyway.. I was a bit proud of my finished gadget coz it was stable and looked fine! But the staff were still able to detect loose lashings so... have to fix it again!! wahhhz... They again told us that what we were giving was not enough (what??!!) and reprimanded us coz our border's just looked like some limbo racks so another day full of woes... The good thing was I was able to sleep for 5 hours! yey!!

Day 4(thursday)
Man, I DID NOT LIKE this day! Remember that we had a waterfest? Well 3 people turned out to be sick and of course didn't attend the training today. We were worried though coz these 3 people all belonged to 1 Patrol (Patrol Rocky Road!!) and they were the only 3 guys we had! NOOO!!! The staff were even suspicious but I was thankful that Peterson came in the afternoon! You have guts man! We also had a game versus the PLs. At first, it was okay for me coz maybe this game wouldn't be about quantity since we were outnumbered BUT my face crumbled when they told us that it was going to be a race (sort of like an obstacle course) and we had to drag along a maleta (suitcase) and wear all the things inside it, run upstairs while singing a cheer and then they'll throw a salbabida(inflatables) on you, run some more, do the limbo with a Pochi (it's a kind of gummy candy for those who don't know) on our forehead acrosse 5 classrooms (!!!!!) dragging the maleta (or push it or whatever) and then eat it and the half a banana and then monkey walk your way down the stairs and put everything back into the suitcase and then give it to the next person! You would think that it'll be fun and a challenge but think! We were only 12 and we had to go against 30! So some of us had to double/triple body. Man that was a day I will never forget. I was one of those who tripled body but the one I admire the most was Karen! She did it 5 times and I can tell ya, it IS EXHAUSTING! But anyways.. we "lost" by a few inches but we were supposed to be the ones that won coz we made a mistake in counting! Turns out we did it 31 times.. Oh well.. the fact that we should have won compensated it anyway. But what enraged me on this day was during the sermon (we have a sermon at the end of th day) and it was like they didn't consider our efforts a while ago and told us that we still lacked the will and force and we were doing nothing! So as punishment, they disbanded Patrol Rocky Road. I really thought that there was no need for that but... sighs.. We were all angered by that and wanted an OPEN forum. IMMEDIATELY.

Day 5 (friday)
We were all determined on this day for what they did to us last time. But our grades didn't improve and we were more disheartened. (don't forget we hardly get any sleep because of lashin and we have to wake up at 5 am) Coincidentally, we were scheduled to have an Open Forum this afternoon. There, we were able to pour everything out. Everything. Remember, the truth shall prevail and by sayin everything, we finally understood. Understood what? I'm not gonna say it here coz it's kinda confidential =) But after the open forum, I felt that everything will be better. We will cetainly be able to reach honor and standard on Monday!! We planned for a BIG surprise during sat and sun..

Day 6 (monday)
Sighs.. late again. I can never be on time.. but we all had that weird look on our faces. Everything was in order, TONS AND TONS of gadgets, foood, stuffs, (I even brought my Ipod with speakers! and a star tortoise). Everything, You guys should have been there! I'm sure you would have enjoyed it! We aced the inspection and cheered our hearts out and came out victorious!! We got standard!! Too bad we didn't get honor though but it's cool. My hands did ache from removing all our lashings. heheee

Well after reading this, you're probably thinking that what a crazy scouting we have in school and I must not like it or the staff from the sounds of it. But I do LOVE it and I know that the staff are actually doing their best (I miss my pals sa staff nga eh!! Ma'm X!! Mam Luz!! The Jls too esp Mam Raichi, Joan, Fran and Daynel too!) Actually, as every year passes by, I'm starting to love scouting more than ever. Every year yields a new experience that challenges me to do the best that I can coz every year, it gets harder. Our numbers are decreasing and I can't deny that. Well, gotta do our best this year! *Braveheart CRY!!!*

Well I think this is long enough! Will make my late late rounds now!! Sorry!! =) Well

Updates when I update!! :cool

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