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Monday, May 08, 2006
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Guys! Am sorry :wah I can't plug you guys or anything but am in a really hurry right now! I'm sorry if I have3 to break my promise of updating once a week and sacrifice my bloghopping due to 3 things : DSL :wah (still haven't changed to cable... hahahaa. the modem was going bonkers and we changed it into a new/old one and it seems to be working fine again.. I hope), O2 jam (i was addicted... sorry! hehehee) and SCOUTING! Yeah folks! It's off to scouting again! I'll be gone for the whole week this week and maybe next week too. Wahh.. So I won't be able to bloghop guys! I'll try this sunday.. I really will! =) Well read my past entries or my YOU, ETC section if you wanna be entertained. Will plug you guys next time! PROMISE!! Toodz! :yep

Updates when I update!! =) :cool

P.S. I haven't died yet though.. hehehee. Will be back for sure! =)

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