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Wednesday, April 05, 2006
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PLUGS Sisters and Kuyas: Nika, Missy, Irish, Em, Nix, Scart, Jays, Laine, Danwei, Deva, Kamimeto, Abby, Toni, _Ralp_, Lyka, Thian, Noreen

[EDIT] Added Panda Reads na! Just wait for Panda Movies tomorrow![/EDIT]

Thanks so much for the reviews guys! I'm glad that you liked the layout and for those with criticisms, thanks for pointing them out! =)

Hey guys! :yay Weird title noh? Haha actually it's Chinese for "New things or new stuffs" coz am gonna try to update this modly old site of mine. In my hope of turning this site into a site of an "environmentalist", I've added 2 webands promoting environmental and animal rights awareness. I've also added a few links (so far there are only 3) related to it (see lower sidebar) and I do hope you sign there petitions and support their campaigns! :hehe =) I'm also gonna add 2 sections called PANDA READS AND MOVIES of 2006 probably in the ETC section. Here I'll put my reviews and ratings of the books and movies that I've read/watched this year. I'll put that up hopefully later. =) And I've also added a PLUG line for all the commentors! I'm sorry if I didn't plug you guys before coz I was busy with school but now that school's 0ut, I'm FREE!! (well not really... I've got activities) . Oh and to those who are wondering where are the other links, they're in the ETC section of my blog. I'm sorry if it's so unorganized.. It's only blogger.. Hehe I've tried getting hosted but I found out that I wouldn't be able to maintain.. and plus PHP is an alien language to me. heehee. :hihi But I do try to make this blog "visitable" or at least have a friendly atmosphere. :hehe

Sighs, as I type this post, I'm sweating all over coz I've just been to the gym. After a 5 day hiatus from muay thai, I got pulverized and it's a bit hard to breathe. I will never ever prolong it that much anymore. I'm gonna continue my training but I'm so worried at the end of April coz my activities conflict each other! wahhz... I better think of a way to solve it.. :wah Oh well..
Yesterday was probably one of the most boring days of my life! I literally just sat staring in front of the PC the whole afternoon. Sims2 wasn't that addicting anymore, there's not even a crumb in the house, I couldn't go anywhere. Thanks to Steph for being there though! *hugz* :heart So it got me thinking, would you guys prefer a life of routine? Wherein everything in your future is already planned out and you're contented with doing the same stuffs all over again? Or would you rather not look at the future and just focus on the present? Sort of like Van Wilder? lolz. It reminded me of my very first ambition ( O nga, what's your first ambition?? You know, you probably dreamed of becoming a doctor or a fireman or something.. haha), when I was in Gr 1, I've always wanted to be an archaelogist because they go to exotic places! I've always wanted a life filled with wonder and adventure. That's why I love movies and books. They take you to other worlds. They let you dream. Sighs.. I hope that it won't be a dream anymore.. TC now! :hehe

Updates when I update!! :cool

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