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Wednesday, April 12, 2006
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It's Holy Wednesday everybody! What have you done today?? *points up* haha just kidding! =) Hopefully if I have time later or inspiration, I'll think of something to give you guys at the end of the week. Man I hope we go to mass tomorrow! I miss going to the mass for some reason. My parents have been so busy... sighs...

And there have been a few enigmas yesterday... both weird and downright irritating. There was this weird-looking guy (you know, parang "thug") hanging outside our house since Monday and I am so thankful that we have a lot of guys here (we have a factory hehee :hehe) but still he gave us all the creeps. Good thing my father, the brave one, walked over to him and talked to that guy! He says that he's just a relative of one of our workers and was just waiting for him, but come on? Would you really stay outside for how many hours just for your relative? You could have waited for him at home creep! Well my father managed to boot him out (in a nice way) and he''s gone... for now :oh

The next story, my mother became the victim. No she wasn't hurt physically but mentally and emotionally yeah. You hate prank callers right? Well from friends it may be acceptable but from complete strangers, now that's another thing. I was at the gym so I didn't witness the whole conversation but this is how it went. So a guy (este gay, my mom told me it sounded like one..) called claiming to be from Citilife financial etc and was looking for a "Raquel". My bro was the one who picked up and he couldn't understand him so he passed it on to my mom. So the guy asked the same question to my mom and of course there is no one with that name here but the guy kept on insisting that my mom is this "Raquel". Again, she told him no but he still ACCUSED her of being that person and was just denying it because that "Raquel" owed them 30K php! WHAT THE??? :grr If I were with that guy, I'd want to hit him soooo bad! How can he accuse my mom of being that person without having evidence? So my mom just hung up the phone but that blasted guy called again and again and kept throwing these accusations. My mother asked for his name. Oh "Eric" daw. and my mom wanted to speak to the manager but he refused? What kind of employee is that? My mom told that guy to even check with the Bayantel people (my mom was using the bayantel) and ask who the owner is. Sighs.. the next call came from a girl and she still wouldn't listen so my mom just hung up. My mom called Citilife herself and talked with the manager but unfortunately, the one who handles their collecting department is an agency. WHAT THE?? :grr. The good thing was he didn't call back. My mom had high blood after that. So a warning to you all, be careful of who you're talking to on the phone and always have a caller ID! We don't have one you see. Sighs... Holy week pa siya tumawag! ALANG HIYA!!!!!!!! Grabe!! :grr

Sorry for that rant. I just wanted that guy out of my mind. I was so proud of my mom who handled it so well. She was trying her best to keep calm but of course who couldn't explode if a guy did that to you too? Sighs.. I will continue praying that hopefully people will be able to keep their sanity.

Man I'm still bored. Anybody wanna save me of this boredom? I've been thinking of talking about something but I kinda forgot what it was. Ulyanin kasi ako lolz. :haha And before you leave, please vote for me! That is if you want to =)

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