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Sunday, April 30, 2006
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[EDIT] lolz natawa ako sa mga nagcomment! Nahilo daw sila kaya warning lang ah.. random kasi. heeheee :haha

Hey guys! :hehe Man I was suprised when I saw that some of you guys were clamoring for updates and I just posted today! So sorry but was really busy.. I've been visiting your sites this week though but haven't commented coz of my budgeted time. But now I think I'm free so am gonna go do my bloghop today! I'm thinking of going random (when have I never been random?? :haha) again just because my mind is a bit jumbled up right now and I have no particular topic to write about so beware! heehee

Yay! The other computer (in this case the one I'm using right now) is finally fixed! I forgot to tell you about how it died last week. Whenever we tried to start it, there'd be a message that says press F2 and then suddenly this weird message appears and the computer kept typing periods. Has that ever happened to you guys? Weird machine but good thing it only took 3 days to repair it. But the bad news..
ALL MY FILES HAVE DISAPPEARED! Wahh and this was the computer were I stored ALL my pixels and LAYOUTS!! O, how thou art cruel! (forgive my poor Shakespearean language) Sniff... some of my assignments have been erased too but oh well.. guess I have to just start again from scratch. DL everything all over again. :wah So take GOOD care of your computers!

Remember that I told you I've been attending the drama guild at my school? (I decided not to join the writing workshop.. too scared..) Well it's been fun and we have to prepare a dramatic monologue complete with music and costumes on tuesday! Guess what/who I picked?
Drumroll please......


To those who don't know, he's the creepy dude with 2 different personalities who keeps on repeating "My preciousssssssss...." in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I know you think I'm crazt and probably asking yourself what this poor girl has gotten herself into or if I'm in my right marbles but I am perfectly sane here. I just decided I wanted something dramatic yet with comedy and plus I can do his voice! Ever since I heard that weird guy, I kept on copying his My Preciousss... and thought that this would be a challenging yet capable role. Plus the line is short! Wooppee!! :yay lolz. Now you think I'm really crazy. Well wish me luck! =)

Wahh.. How come Yahoo Messenger doesn't work?? *told ya this post would be random??!!* NOOO!!!! Actually, it doesn't work in my account. But how come it works in my mother's account?? O come on!!! :grr

This week's menu has been a series of Western cuisine! My brother continued his culinary studies and even if I hate to admit it, he is becoming better and thus more assorted dishes! Hmm.. I can't wait to learn how to bake! We have a new oven!! Weee!!

Hey, I also can't finish watching Inuyasha due to a double-then-missing disc 11! And tot hnik that I'm only 3 discs shy of learning the ending! :grr Hmm.. I'll just review this anime for now. I think it's a really fun, enjoyable anime and I do like the pairings (does Sesshoumarou have a partner? If not... Hmm.. haha Just kidding!!) but somewhere along the way, you just want to fast-forward everything! I think it was when they were at the Pei-Ling mountain. That story was just too loong. The one where they had to take care of the 7 men warriors. But over all, I'd give this anime a 4! Hmm.. Now will look for pics... bwahahaha

I just saw my 2 long lost cousins last week and today (again)! Well my Sa-chak (3rd uncle father side) just came home last week from Bacolod (for those who don't know, that's in the Visayas region of the Philippines) and I haven't seen him for..... I forgot how many years.. around 7?? or 6?? So I was just so happy seeing my cousins and especially his youngest son! If I only had a camera or cel with me. Dang.. Have to remember to bring it next time. Well I'm sure that you'll all say that he's just the cutest thing! And quite talkative too or "loquacious". heehe. Except he mostly talks in "Bisaya" (it's a filipino dialect for those who don't know) but I could understand a little. It's a bit strange though to see my cousins who are more Filipino than Chinese (I'm a Chinese-Filipino by the way heehe :hehe) with my grandparents (they are pure Chinese.. wait.. my grandma has 1/4 filipino i think..) but it's oki. Don't think that just because we're Chinese we don't know how to get along with Filipinos. I think I'm becoming more Filipino too.. Oki now I am confusing not only you but also myself.. AHHH!!

Oh, and I think we might get a laptop soon! :yay Is Acer oki? My mom's friend suggested that one but I'm not sure.. I do want a Sony.. Sighs.. Please give me pros and cons! hehee. :hehe

And we've also been.... SHOPPING! If you know me, I don't really splurge that much on clothes, etc (except for books.. hehee can't resist a good read :hehe) but since SM Mega has a SALE, well we might have splurged a little. heheee. But mind you, after a whole day of shopping, you might wonder if there was even a sale. lolz :haha. And I've been doing some online window shopping too, thanks to Danwei! I've all went and asked these sites listed on her site which have funky goods, if they accept Moneybookers (it's a great alternative to Paypal!) since we don't have paypal here. One site replied and they'll see if they can accept it! I do hope!! And I also have my eye on these CUTE hats (PANDA!!) So if you're wondering what to get for me for my bday.. you know what.. Just kidding! *I can't believe my bday's only a month away!!* I don't wanna get old... Sniff.. :wah

And also, I think a lot of people have probs these days... I do hope you guys are doing fine now! Will pray for ya =)

Uh oh.. this post is getting too loong.. See you guys! =)

Updates when I update! :cool

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