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Monday, April 03, 2006
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New Lay!! :yay

Did anybody noticed?? haha:haha, am not too sure on the colors so.... give me your opinions peepz!:yap I can't believe it took about 7 hours or more on this lay.. Ang bagal ko talaga!! I'm dang slow.. sorry guys for the delay ah!!

So why this layout? I've always wanted to stay true to my blog name and add a Panda on the layout but I never had the inspiration until now when a lightbulb flashed after I posted my last entry (PLS READ MY LAST ENTRY.. it's kinda important) and suddenly I thought, why not let my Panda go on a summer vacation?? Sighs... I'm yearning for a "REAL" vacation now but since I can't do it, let the virtual Panda do it. :haha. I can't talk much now coz am going to the gym in just a few minutes so just give me the reviews!

Updates when I update!! :cool

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