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Saturday, April 01, 2006
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[EDIT2] Yo guys! I'm sorry if I couldn't put the lay up today but i SOLEMNLY SWEAR that I will do it tomorrow! Am just fixing the CSS including the tagboard, calendar, etc. So really really expect one from me tomorrow on Apr3!! =) [/EDIT2]

[EDIT] Yo guys!! APRIL FOOL'S PALA! Do you celebrate it?? hahaa pull a prank on someone for me!! =) And I wanna announce that I got a new lay coming up so watch out for it tomorrow!! WOOHOO! Finally noh? Bigla lang sumulpot ang inspiration ko! heheehee=) TC guys ah!! Read on! [/EDIT]

I wanna screamm!!!! And hide in my room with my head down... FOREVER....

after 40 years.................................................

Ugh, cobwebs.. heehe. :hehe

Sighs..If only I could hide like a rabbit in its rabbithole, I would do that for years. I'm currently feeling confused and dazed. Do people have high expectations of you? Well I do that's why for the past how many years, I've always strived to be the best but now.. I don't know. Maybe my energizer bunny has been eaten by a wolf or something. I'm having trouble concentrating on my studies, or anything for that matter. Steph has a prob coz someone told her that she didn't give her all, that she didn't have enough passion but that is just plain wrong because think that person doesn't know her. She knows that she gave her all but I came to think, what about me? Did I give my all? Why should I? Ugh, I hate thinking about this but I really have no choice. *slaps self* Get a grip Tiff! Oh well.. But now I'm really determined to do everything that I possibly can to make my 3rd year, a better year. My 2nd year was most memorable (I miss you guys!!! 2c!!! :wah Daynel, Jocla, Chair, Keith!!!) because I had the best class one could ever ask (uy, outing uli tayo! Oh yeah, shout outs pala to the guys who went to the Xiamen tour yesterday! Good luck ah!! Esp to Chair, Kenny, Daniel, Valerie, and the others! :yap) but academically, I slept through everything. So next year, I'm turning over a new leaf, one that could balance academics and social life harmoniously. So that means.. I think I won't even have a summer. I'll be attending our school's training workshops in hopes for better leadership abilities. You could say that I'm a very ambitious girl, but I need to be able to put these ambitions in actions... Sighs, sorry for the very boring rant.. Is this a rant? hehee :haha

And on to other news, want each and every one of you to realize one of the greatest environmental problems we've ever come across. I'm sure that you are feeling it right now, even I in my airconditioned room am screaming for cool air! Yep, Global Warming I received the latest issue of TIME magazine, and I was shocked when I saw the cover. NO NOT THE POLAR BEARS!! :grr Sorry for the outburst but I love Polar bears. I remember that I read somewhere that we were finally have the upper hand over global warming but what's this? Why are they suddenly telling us that we should be worried?? The climate has certainly been changing over the past few years and I'm worried that it will suddenly start to snow or something. Or the polar ice caps will be completed melted. We must take action! Boy I wish I had a billion dollars so I can do something. All I can do is probably support these environment-friendly products. Do you guys have any suggestions on how to lessen this humongous problem? We have to save the polar bears, butterflies, elephants, flowers, etc from damnation (pardon for the language)! It hurts me to think that I'm just stuck here doing nothing. :wah =(

Sighs.. Well it was the 4th year's graduation yesterday and I loved Clarissa's speech! Though I didn't listen to the guest speaker that much (bad tiff!), I hope that they have learned something from it and realize what's ahead of them. GOOD LUCK graduates! Wahhz... I'm gonna miss them so.. :wah

And the clearance is finally over, and now on to a relaxing summer... who am I kidding? Oh well.. if you're in need of calming yourself down or simply need God's guidance in difficult times..
say this short prayer

“Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference, Amen.”

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