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Saturday, April 15, 2006
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Hey guyz! I wanna thank :heart those who voted for me in the randomation and those who commented last time about that crazy who called. Good thing he never called back. lolz, guess he was frightened instead or realized, I accused a complete stranger and he is in the wrong. Well it's a time to forgive and forget anyway =) :hehe Thanks also to Tiffy for this cute easter present!! :heart

And here's from Ate Laine!! Thank you for the early presents ah! :heart

I also made one but looking at the presents you gave me, mine looks far from cute... I did put my very first scribble there. I'll just personally give it to you guys. Will visit you guys later!! On second thought... well maybe I'll just put it here.. I'm so sorry if it looks bad!!

As you can see, I am an amateur at making gifts.. sorry. :wah

Well si I've been stuck at home the whole week doing nothing but watch TV. My butt's seriously glued on the couch. I do hope we'll be able to go SOMEWHERE (ANYWHERE!!!) later. Feels sick at home :sick. It has got me thinking though that maybe it is best for me to stay at home. It is Holy Week after all and it isn't about going to vacations (no offense sa mga nagvavacation ah!). It's about reflecting on your mistakes and repenting your sins right? It's a week for God so even though you're in vacation, please take time to pause and reflect. I'm sure that you'll feel much better afterwards =) Makes your vacation more exciting! Hmm it has also got me thinking, how the Easter Bunny and these eggs came up. When did they start spreading these symbols because Easter Sunday is about Christ's Resurrection right? Well I'll probably google them later =) Share your thoughts on this if you want in the comments. =) :hehe

So what have I been watching lately? My mother had a Korean marathon again and this time she went back watching her all-time faves: Stairway to Heaven and My Lovely (or My Name is) Kim Sam Soon. My mother is quite queer coz she says that she loves romantic-comedy but why is her favorite a tear-jerker? Stairway to Heaven is probably saddest Korean series ever produced. I mean every (and I mean EVERY) episode has someone crying over something and you can't help but cry too. I wonder how the actors and actresses put up with red, puffy eyes at every shoot. Sighs... Go watch it if you're in the mood for some good crying or suffered some sort of heart break because you'll realize.. I could have been that girl. Go to the sites if you want the synopsis, I'm not good in explaining things... hehee =)

I've also started watching Tsubasa Chronicles, an anime made by CLAMP which is a crossover of its anime characters. Steph was the one who encouraged me to watch it but since I don't have a DVD (checks pocket...empty :wah) so I watched it thu YouTube! Technology is such a wonderful thing right?? :haha Well not always. I'm at episode 7 already and it's running smoothly but I don't know. The characaters there (esp Sakura) are... too thin! I'm not against thin people but they look more like a couple of walking sticks! Makes me a bit uncomfortable.. The storyline isn't that quite impressive and I think it could have been better. I'd give it an average rating. It's not bad nor is it too good. Sorry to fans of Tsubasa.. hehe but I'll continue watching it! Who knows? I might enjoy it later on =)

Oh yeah, I've also finished an "escape the room" Game! It's quite challenging and I loved it! It took me 3 frigging hours though, so if you're completely doing nothing (like me) why don't you try?? It's called My Diamond Baby. And here's a funny video of a 2-legged dog! LOLz he's adorable so check him out! We had a 3-leggfed golden retriever once named Trinity :haha I miss her... she passed away already.... =(

Well I can't think of anything else to add.. BORED!!!

Updates when I update! :cool

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