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Sunday, April 09, 2006
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[EDIT2] Another gift from Tiffany!! She's back on the net so go visit her! Thanks sooo much! She's a very great artist noh? heehhee Love it! :heart

[EDIT] Hmm.. maybe complaining here does work... Blogger's back to normal!! haha lolz! And I got another gift from Kamimeto!! I do love bears! THANKS SOO MUCH!! =) so cute!
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*You can skip all my boring life and just focus on the last paragraph if you want to*

Is it just me or is Blogger loading (really) slower? Is something wrong with their server? I just noticed that it's been slowing down the past 2 days.... WHY????? :wah

Sorry if I couldn't blog earlier! Besides the first reason, it was also because the DSL has been funny lately and it's clearly not hilarious at all. :grr I'm gonna switch cable! Are you with me? Well I'm not sure yet... Oh well =) At least it's working a tad well now. :hehe

THANKS to Ate Sheryl for making this fansign for me! I never had one before... THANKS ATE!! :heart It's her birthday tomorrow so give her some LOVE!

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And also to Sis Toni for this wonderful pooh gift :heart LOVE YA GUYS!! =)

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Such talented sisters I have noh??

Oh yeah and before anything else, I'd like to plug Steph's story here! I am sure that you guys would love reading it! Stay tuned and spread the word! =) She's an aspiring writer and I think that she has potential! Don't ya think? So go READ NOW!!

And site updates, made a new link button! I don't think it's nice... Anybody wanna help? haha just kidding! :haha I've also added Ate Val's and Ate Jays' gifts as link buttons! and if you noticed the little girl down there waving goodbye, well that's from Ate Rose!
Credit goes to them! =) LOVE YA!! :heart

I'm so bored today so I did a few hoppings here and there and continued to look for more Animal awareness sites and boy have I got some for you! Just stay tuned on my sidebar, I'll bring it higher. heehee. And please read this blog entry. It would show more info on animal cruelty and slaughtering. Oh, and a WARNING Please do not look at the pictures if you are of the faint-hearted.

I'm feeling self-conscious again, please continue to the next paragraph if you don't want to hear me whining. I really feel a bit depressed on how I look these days... I may be a bit white but my skin is definitely not smooth. Actually my hands are rough like a caveman's. My brother's hands are even smoother than mine's! What have I been doing? And my pimples haven't shown any signs of stopping. It feels like they just want to populate on this little land on my face called the forehead. I am applying these whatcha-ma-call-its on them and nothing seems to be working. Maybe "it's" near. :wah and I don't seem to be losing weight. Maybe I'm getting more muscular? Sighs.. I guess the only advantage is I can kick butt. I'll probably sign myself as an extra thug in a movie. What do you think?? :haha Sighs.. I'll not dwell on this any longer.. it's so depressing.. :wah So be lucky you're not like me!

Because of the heat, I've wanted to cut all my hair of and be like Natalie on V for Vendetta and also after watching Fearless. What would it feel like going bald? I'm sure that it would be a refreshing change. No more combing, no more tangles and no more washing. And your head would feel free!! But I changed my mind when I went inside the parlor because I don't think I can live without hair. I just had it shortened and I still look like me. Only with shorter hair. No drastic changes in my look. Told you I'm boring right? :hehe

I've been unconsciously having a movie marathon (at home that is :hihi) I've watched Fearless, Fun with Dick and Jane, Bandidas, Capote, The Dark, Capote, Breakfast at Tiffany's (oldie!!) and Ice Age 2 ( the only one I watched in the movies) since Friday. I guess I've become a couch potato again. Couch Potatoes, UNITE!! Maybe I could start a Couch Potato org. It'll be fun. heeheee and I've also started watching koreanovelas again! Heheee =)

I've noticed that soemhow this summer is going faster than the past summers. It's already April 9 and only about 10 weeks till classes start again. In my case I go back to school on April 24 coz of trainings so that makes my summer even shorter. I guess I should have cherished my other summers but I didn't and now they're gone. Time really flies fast. In a blink of an eye, you wouldn't have noticed 10 years has passed. What would I be like in 10 years? *blinks* hehe sorry nagiging pilosopo ako ngayon! :haha Hmm...

Tick tock goes the clock, tiffy's banging on a rock, tick tock goes the clock. Oops, accidentally made a haiku there. Sorry.. my mind was wandering. Well, I guess this is it! Let me go update some stuffs here now =)

Wait! Before I go, I just wanna tell everyone that next week's gonna be Holy Week! =) I always get sad when it's Holy Week because I remember the Passion of Christ. We better prepare ourselves for next week. Let's pray for the world oki? For once, let's forget all our selfish thoughts and focus on the others less fortunate for a while. After reading Reader's Digest article on the current state of Kashmir after the earthquake, I looked up to this Dr. Regan - a volunteer (volunteer!) doctor who is now out there treating people from the most serious ailments to the minor bruises. It just pains me to think that we
(we have a computer!), who can probably be called FORTUNATE, are still complaining (like me) about the most trivial things while others have nothing. NOTHING at all and yet, they're content. Man I've been selfish. Who cares about looks? There are things more important to think about. So what will you do this Holy Week? Let's all think and pray =) Do what we can for others. I'll try what I can do. Like a GOOD deed. I feel better now. And I also want to recommend Cecilia Ahern's "If you could see me now". It's really a touching book about the real and what seems to be real. Go check my other Panda reads in the ETC section. Now I feel better =)

Updates when I update! :cool

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