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Saturday, April 22, 2006
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Hey guys! Forgot to put the link button Nhayn made for me! She rocks! Thanks so much sis! =) *hugz* :heart

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Hey guys! Di ko nalang ipopost dito ung mga easter gifts niyo ah! I will just leave them doon sa gifts page. Thanks uli ah!! :heart. And sorry ngayon ko lang nagawa ang prinomise ko na mag-update ng links! Wahh busy kasi.. Nagjoin kasi ako sa drama guild and writing workshop sa school! Masaya ung drama guild! So far I've impersonated a pregnant woman, screaming passenger, a suicide victim, and naging bruha! Oki noh?? lolz! Oh yeah and does anybody know a morality play diyan? Or a monlogue that I could do? Hanap nalang ako! Wait a minute.. am I speaking in Filipino? Whoa.. Sorry for those who can't understand! Suddenly I had the urge to speak in my country's tongue =) :hehe And to those who seek culinary guidance, I'm sorry if I won't be able to teach you but we could cook together! I'm still and just a beginner! hehee. Ate Scart! Try mo magluto ng Oyakudon! Sarap nun! hehee =) This edit is getting long.. gotta scram!! =)

*Gets slapped on head*

SO SORRY for for neglecting my blog!! GOMENASAI!! :wah

I'm really sorry if I have neglected my blog for a week (actually not only my blog but the entire computer) coz now that it's the end of April, my sched will be jam-packed with activities! I'm happy that I fulfilled one wish this week (check out the newest cross marked in my sidebar) and that's to learn cooking! Yep, I've learned how to cook Asian cuisine (well some...) for 5 hours each in 4 days (I love Korean and Japanese!) so you could see why I've been gone.. I've also focused on learning more skills in Muay Thai (I can do back kicks now! Beware... bwahaha! :haha just kidding!) and I've also been glued to the tube again, this time watching Inuyasha. Yah I know it's an old (loong!) anime but I haven't seen that yet so when I saw a box being sold with a very CHEAP price in divisoria, well I had to buy it (and the result is hearing Japanese everywhere! I thought I had gone crazy on the 2nd straight day of watching when I heard people talking in Japanese in the gym.. Losing my mind..). It has 2 boxes though and 23 discs in all! So far, I have only 7 or 8 discs left unwatched soo.. those are the reasons why I've been gone. But I'm also gonna be gone next week.. Well consider this as a mini-hiatus now so don't worry about me (coz maybe some of you might have thought I was abducted or something.. hehee). I will only be bombarded with trainings and more TV. Hopefull I'll be able to updated every Sunday! Wish me luck guys! :hehe =)

Thanks for everyone who sent me Easter gifts! I'll go catch them and put them up here later (I have Geom and Chem later... :wah). THANKS SO MUCH GUYS!! :heart. And guess what happened to Ate Kitty's easter egg! It hatched! Boy I was surprised to see an Easter Cinnamoroll! Hmm.. I'll name her Ceanamon! Hahaa Couldn't think of a better name.. :haha Thanks again guys! :heart and glad you liked my gift! =)

I also want to thanks Ate Rad for being so patient with my questions about hosting. I changed my mind for so many times yet she was not the least angry or mad. I've sticked to my final decision though and I'm gonna stay at Blogger coz I really can't maintain a site. Hopefully next year... sighs.. Thanks Ate Rad!!

I'll also update the links (Ate Kitty has a new domain!) and bloghop now! :hehe Thanks to those who kept in touch! :heart

Updates when I update! :cool

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