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Tuesday, March 21, 2006
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I can't think of an ingenious title so I just wrote Title.. Here shows my lack of imagination and creativity...:haha I've been meaning to post but kept putting it off but when I saw Ate Jhesca's comment... I thought of posting! heeheee :hehe

I haven't linked pinaytalk pa pala! wahh silly me! :hihi It's probably the best forum I've ever joined since I know some of the people there from the net and it's really a very interesting place! Just for pinays.. heehee so go and join now!:yap

Thanks guys for the commments on the last post! Maybe I should have bought the hat nga.. :hehe

My summer's been good so far. No troubles yet and I've taken up quite a few activities! I've started going to the gym and enrolled in a muay thai (kickboxing.. i think) to ahem, slim down. Gotta lose those pounds you know.. heehe.:haha The only disadvantage is groaning in pain now and then. My mom has also started letting me have advance lessons in chemistry and geometry (torture!! :grr aral ako for the whole year.. wahhzz). We started yesterday and it's only 2 hours, 3x a week.. that's good right? Maybe not.. :wah sighs... gotta bear with it na lang. =) Just keep swimming just keep swimming...:hehe

I watched V for Vendetta last Sunday and I could say that it's a dark, and intelligent film. There's also something poignant about it. The story also has a very interesting plot because in here, you have an unlikely hero: a terrorist who hides behind a scary smiling mask. I won't delve too much into the details coz I don't want to spoil you guys. I really liked this movie for being different. And napaiyak :wah rin ako in some points because of thinking, what could have been kung hindi nangyari iyon. I recommend it for those who are interested of seeing a different kind of movie!:yap

Now I'll try to watch what Ate Nix recommended. I'm thinking of Shaggy Dog coz i love dogs! wee! Cute rin ng aso doon di ba? hehee:hehe

I miss 2C, darn... ey guys! :wah Don't forget our outing sa Friday ah! Pls spread the word! And I'm thinking.. gusto niyo ba sa libis or greenhills?? Sobrang ata layo kung libis... Oh well..:hehe

And I made a gift for all of you graduates!!

I hope you like it!! =) :hehe

Well guess this it. I'll probably edit if I think of something else...

Updates when I update!! :cool

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