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Wednesday, March 15, 2006
Image hosted by Tiffy's BACK!!

And kicking! lolz

[EDIT] I miissed all of you guyyz!! wah... nakakamiss kayong lahat.. Stephie, my 2C family (oy outing natin! IM me about your ideas ah! and yung mga hindi pa nagsesettle ng clearance 'accounts' niyo! hehee), my Ates sa online life (pati na rin kuyas! heehee 1 lng ata kuya ko eh hehee), and my doggies! hehee[/EDIT]

As much as I want to tell the tale of my HK adventure, simply can't put them into words right now (am feeling a bit dizzy) maybe it's because Im suffering from "climate shock" (9 degrees there! And it's 31 here...) and I just got home so I'll fix everything and post pics tomorrow! =) TC everyone! =) Will visit you guys now!! =)

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