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Tuesday, March 28, 2006
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Before I start anything, I wanna thank Ate Val for her wonderful gift! hehee and haven't thanked Ate Rose's gift for me rin pala! I love you my Ates!!! :heart Ang gagaling niyo talaga!! :heart

If you guys haven't noticed, I have been offline these days due to activities. :wah It's either I'm at the gym (1 hour muay thai is torture!!! :wah but worth it!), school (school? during summer? I'm handling the class' clearance and I need our teachers' signatures! :wah), advance class (even if it's at home, it still uses up my time.. doubel :wah) and malling so I'm having trouble balancing my time. I'm such a bad organizer! I wonder why the heck I'm a batch officer and why I'm the 2nd honor in my class (2nd honor pala ako guys! Gagalingan ko sa 3rd year! They have big expectations of me for the next 2 years fo I better make it good..). It's just a wonder... And also I've become addicted to Sims2: Open for Business... But today, I think I'm free and maybe I'll start making a new lay. I'm still thinking of a good theme and I have tons but it's so hard to choose! gack... Well hopefully there'll be somethingn worthwhile to see in my next post.. *crosses fingers* :hehe

Man, I miss Pinaytalk! I'll go visit now. See ya guys!!! =) Sorry for the boring post, which is just a preview of my boring life... What's happening in your life now? I hope that you're having a much much much better (wrong grammar but it's the best way to express it..) time. Heheee

Missing everyone.......................................................

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