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Thursday, March 16, 2006
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*PICTURES ALERT!! Please click on them to see the bigger version =)*

I'm currently thinking how I'm gonna put 4 days of adventure into one brief, concise and comprehensible blog entry... Let me think for a moment......



Ah yes! I've got it! Actually I don't really know...

Day 1 (Mar 12, Sun):

Woke up at 4 AM still groggy and still shocked that after 5 year hiatus from riding planes, I am actually going to land on foreign soil in just about 4 hours. :wow Whoa, "indescribable feeling". :hihi Since we were going on Cathay, we had to use the old airport but I didn't care coz that's where I used to go all the time and it brought back memories :heart So after 4 hours (of chewing gum), I've finally arrived in HongKong! Whoppee!! :yay

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Just arrived in HK and waiting for the bus! :hehe

I only slept for 3 hours but I didn't feel a bit drowsy, maybe due to the excitement and the cold! It was about 22 C degrees and it was a bit bearable. What we did was hit the shops! I've always know HongKong as a shopping district and it certainly is! I mean, shopping in HK is very different from the Philippines. It seems that everyone is fashionable or something. It's probably because they have 4 seasons and have a variety of clothes to choose from! So imagine the wonder I felt when I step into their shops. From hats to shoes to accessories and even utilites, all of them had an"awesome" imprinted on them! I was glad that nothing has changed much from where we were staying. The old mall (that has been renovated a little) is still there, the shop were we always bought "am-be" or lugaw or congee is still there (still delicious!) and TOYS R US is still there! Hahaa, i sound like such a kid but I guess I still am. We went there everyday by the way. Lolz. heehee. So we just spent looking around shops on this day and I bought this soffttyy worm pillow! I'll post a pic soon! Just watch out for them in my flickr! :hehe And we also bought this "belt" thing that's supposed to "descrease your waistline, improve bowel movement, and etc" I think it's working.. I just think... heehee

Day 2 (Mar 13, Mon)
Brrr! Woke up with my feet screaming cold! This was the day that the temp hit 9 degrees! And unluckily, this was also the day for Disneyland. Now I have finally understood what "cold daggers, cold as ice, frozen feet, etc meant. I didn't care though coz I was slowly reaching my goal: To travel to all the Disneylands in the whole world! So far, I've been to 2! Hahahaa :haha Am such a crazy girl :bleh heehee
It was a long ride going to Disney, it took about 40 mins or so by taking the MTR (MRT??) Disney had its own MRT (MTR??) :huh and it had gold statuettes on the sides of the train! Hehee, soo cool! :cool
We didn't get to ride much, just took a lot of pics and shop (man, I now look like a shopaholic) more. I bought this cute little plush keychains and a mickey mouse ear with hat hairband.

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OOPS! This isn't what I bought but hope you guys like it! :haha

I'll just post more pics instead of narrating everything. I only got on 2 rides and 2 shows! Wahh... :wah Puro kiddie rides naman daw sabi ni Keith. aheehee The teacups and space mountain. Good thing the Parade was going on or else we would have waited a very LOOONNGG time! heehee. Will post the funny pic maybe tom! hehee. :hehe

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Guess where we are? heehe

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On the raft going to Tarzan's tree house

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I wanna stay in this stuff toy land FOREVER!! :wow

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Me (middle) with Pluto and Goofy! The person who took this photo probably wobbled that's why it's blurry...

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You just gotta love that word!! heehee :hehe

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Being a nerdox in the airport. :haha

We had to leave around 5 pm due to rain and extreme temperatures.
Pero super bitin siya!!
Wahhz... :wah
Oh well, till next time! If there is a next time... aheehee

Day 3 and 4 (Mar 14 & 15, Tues and Wed)
Hmm... so basically what we did between these days were shop, eat (i got to eat snake again! gross u thinkso? Actually, it tasted like chicken and yum! But I do pity the snakes....), shop (I was able to buy these adorable dog and cat earrings!), eat (chinese food galore! Love it even though it burnt my tongue.. Good thing it's healing...), shop (Everything's a temptation and it took every ounce of willpower in me not to buy everything! I couldn't buy everything anyway coz my mom didn't allow me to buy those sanrio stuffs, deeming them as "useless and impractical". So I was only able to buy 1 stuff toy... Sniff). So after spending moolahs, I have resolved to not spend a CENT for a month or so! Help me keep this resolution peepz! Am not gonna eat too. Lolz. :haha
I had a very very very fun time and I couldn't believe that I'm back again. I couldn't believe that I was back in dusty, noisy (well the stoplight in Hk was noisy..) Manila (I still love it here though! Even though it's hot..) Travelling (and shopping!) is certainly a remedy to all your problems coz I seriously forgot everything there. There you could sit back and relax and worry later. But of course, it does have to end at some point. I just wish it happened later.. Oh well, I am soo thankful to the Lord for giving me this opportunity again! THANKS!!!! :yap

Before I end everything, our senior scouts had their farewell party a while ago and I just wanna say THANKS for everything. Kahit hindi scouts, thanks sa lahat! I'll truly miss all of you guys especially those fun times we had! You guys have been a terrific and supportive sister batch and the best that we could have had! YOU GUYS ROCK! Wahh :wah I'll miss you! Good luck on your future guys! I'll be rooting for ye!! :yap

And then to my 2c family, I LOVE YOU GUYS!! Wahhz, I'll miss all of u!! Sana next year magkasama uli tayo!! I wish that I could say something to you guys individually and personally how special you guys are. I'll just write something in groups. I'm not sure if you want me to post something here. hehee. Well, goodbye is definitely the hardest word to say...:wah

:heart you all!!!!

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2C FOREVER!!! :heart

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