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Saturday, March 25, 2006
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*sings* "Celebrate good times come on!" :haha lolz

Am in a party mood! Who wouldn't be when I just ate 2 DINNERS (well didn't eat that much on the second dinner, only soup and a few shrimps and fruits) yesterday! Nako! Pano na ako papayat?? :dead Oh well... hehee.

I'm sorry if I wan't able to blog that much or change the layout or anything, it's coz my thoughts were too occupied with our class get together (at Gerry's Grill greenhills! Promenade! wahoo!). I was undecidedly the main organizer so I had to call people up and some were even away! So I was too panicky to do anything. (hopefully by next week I will have changed the layout already.. ahehee :hehe) But all that work was worth it! Yesterday *early dinner was probably one of the most memorable events of my life! Our class (though incomplete... :wah hindi makapunta iyong iba..) was once again reunited and chatted the whole eveing! Our adviser, Sir Cabs (symepre nandun ung father namin! lolz :yap) along with Mrs. Aguinaldo and Ms. Laurio also came and that was double the fun! Too bad we had 2 tables so we couldn't to everyone during dinner but we had fun especially when it was the awards time! (ang ingay namin dun sa resto! lolz) :hehe And of course the speeches! Grabe, natouch ako sa mga sinabi ni Sir and the other guys. Sana ganun pa rin tayo kaclose next year ah! Nothing will change! Love ya guys!!! :heart Special mentions to Chairmy (whatever you say, you're still a crazy chair! heehee), Daynel(******!!!! hehe :haha), Jocla, Keithcat, Jenni and the gang and our teachers! :heart

So after 7pm, we went to take pics (kodak moment! of course we need pics!) and went to Starbucks. Good thing we were able to fit but unfortunately Chairmy and I had to go (sumabay siya sa akin :hehe) to Honey's party (to celebrate her being the 2nd honorable mention in the batch) and that's how I got to have 2 dinners.. Heehee :hehe. Thanks for the food Honey and CONGRATS!! *hugz*! :heart

Today, I think I'm gonna eat a lot again coz it's my bro's graduation today and you know what comes right after graduations right?? FOOD! :dead so now I just have to control myself (buffet pa naman!! :wah) before I get sick :sick Haayzz, wish me luck! And CONGRATS to bro!! Have to go now guyz! =) Ciao! :yap

Updates when I update :cool

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