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Monday, February 27, 2006
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[EDIT2] Hi guys! Sad to say (wait, sad ba ito?), I'll not be blogging for probably 2 weeks (or less) because of exams and because right after exams, I'm gonna be leaving for HK!! Yesh finally I can step inside a plane again! hehee. So I won't be able to blog and maybe I'll visit a couple of times. hehee well tc everyone! =) [/EDIT2]
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Singing... What the world (esp the Philippines) needs now, is LOVE, SWEET LOOOOVEEE

Sighs.. this song will certainly be an eye opener in dark times like these.. You guys have any more songs that is appropriate for the crisis we're suffering right now?? Haayz.. What we need now are prayers so don't stop praying peepz! I won't go further into the events that are happening right now because all you have to do is switch your TV on and flip to some news channel and bingo! There you have it, crisis-ala-mode. Sighs.. too depressing I tell ya! I'm itching to go back to school (we won't be having classes tomorrow again! Neat? NOT! I can't believe I'm saying this!) and take the exams so everything will be all over! And our trip to HK is right after exams so I do hope they won't extend it! Ahhh..

Sighs, on to a lighter note (lighter ba ito?), remember that WWE RAW came here last friday?? Well, I got tickets and I watched it on opening night! Man, it was so surreal! I couldn't imagine myself seeing the wrestlers in the flesh! It's soo coool! =) Too bad I wasn't able to go to the meet and greet and get their autographs! I did get pictures though but had a lot of bloopers! When they (hopefully) come back, I will make sure to never forget to

1. Charge the digicam (we used the old one! wahh)
2. Chase the wrestlers when given the opportunity and demand for their autographs
3. Bring ballpapen and the program booklet for them to sign
4. Reserve tickets as early as possible!
5. And lastly, SCREAM HARDER!!!!!

Hehe, My bro also mapped out a "wrestling match" feng shui and where we should be seated next time. Lolz. I wasn't able to meet them but I did get to touch RVD's hand! My father actually grabbed RVD and was able to stop him in his tracks! Lolz, good thing he didn't mind. heehee. Oh and something very coincidental happened! While we were on our way home on the road, our lane suddenly stopped and their buses started to cross the street and go to the other lane. So I quickly opened the window and prayed they look to their left! And they did! Well except for tomko. heehe. We got to wave at them and they waved back! hehe, Lita did the V thing with her hands too! Soo cool! hehe. Here are the pics! WARNING! PICS OVERLOAD!!

My Father, me and bro waiting for the action!

Me standing in front of the ring (box?)

For Triple H fans out there!

Big Show bravely standing up after being knocked out by HHH

Cena winning the championship!

Edge and Lita

Flair Wooooo!!!

RVD's cool!!

Shelton Benjamin is a Momma's Boy!!

Eugene battling Tomko

Sorry I can't put put all the pics up! There are too many and I don't think Blogger can handle it. Hehee. Check out WWE's website for more tour photos!

Oh yeah, here's a photo of me before the prom. It was shot in the studio. Grabe kasi mama ko! hehe. She didn't want the make up and everything to go to waste so she had me go to the studio.I'll just post one photo oki? If you want more, just tell me! hehe.

Weird looking gal =)

Well I guess this is enough. Hehee. Tc now!! =) Too lazy to do anything...

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