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Tuesday, February 21, 2006
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Sorry for the delay guys!! =) Well where should I start guys? I'm gonna try to make this short coz I still have projects (4!!!) to go!

So what happened last Saturday at the prom? Well our cruel school had us go to school in the morning then all the preparation in the afternoon. I went straight home after school thinking that I would be able to do some homework since my computer project wasn't finished and there's a Li SHih (Chinese History) test on tues but I couldn't concentrate and decided to chat instead (kaw ah tiff ah!) with Stephie. Well right after 2pm, we went straight to the salon (sa malapit lang sa amin... hehee). I was shocked when the hairdresser said that I had to curl my hair.. CURL? I just had it rebonded and I don't want it to go to waste. Pero sabi niya na bagay daw sa akin eh.. What do you think? Haay.. Oh well, so anyways, for one day, I became curly again! heehe, I look like a kid though.. heehe. I can't post pics yet coz I didn't receive them yet! Just go to stephie's blog if you wanna see some pics =) So then I hurried of into my gown and rushed to the prom! Except my mom wanted to really make this a kodak special so we went and took a pic at the studio. I don't have the pics yet though.. hehee. Well, everything I wore was simple and I'm happy it was that way. Don't overdress as I say! hehee.

Well, I'll never forget that night! Upon arrival at the hotel, I immediately met up with Stephie. Good thing she was there! Kristel soon followed and I was amazed because of seeing all of us dressed up and being glamorous. Certainly, a once (thrice in my case?) in a lifetime event! We almost lost Val but good thing he came! It wouldn't be the same without our batch co even though he loves to GET ON MY NERVES! And keeps on calling me "Buddha". Oh come on! I can't be that round....Can i? *hides*
Hehee, well so us 4 charming girls, oops! I meant 3 charming gals and 1 dashing (oh dashing ah! you owe me!!) guy all apprehensively approached the ballroom and sat down. Good thing I knew most of the people in our table and Winnie was there! I knew from that point that this evening would certainly turn out great. Surprisingly or unsurprisingly, we sophies we're the nosiest in our table. i guess it was because we knew each other very well unlike the 3rd years and 4th years who had assigned partners (ganun sa school namin eh..) but we were able to get to know each other more. One funny incident was at the beginning of our dinner, I was the first one to take and eat my bread then everyone started calling me "matakaw"! hehee, ang tigas pa nga ng tinapay eh! Parang luma.. Lugi!!! Oh well, aside from that bread fiasco, everything flowed a smooth pace. The dances were great especially the community dance where everyone stuck together from elbow to elbow and jump (take note, jump not dance! ang sikip!) the whole night long! Plus, we get to see our teachers don gowns and suits and acting like 17-year olds! Pics at stephie's oki! The movie presentations were touching too and I, not even a 4th year yet was extrememly moved just by the pictures and music. I simply can't imagine how will our prom look like next year since we 4 officers have to organize it. Got any ideas? heheee. So here's the tale of the prom!

Now on to serious matters... there just seems to be a nevere ending stroke of calamities! Remember the Wowowee stampede? Well now it's the Leyte mudslide where over 1800 went missing (who are probably gone by now..). I won't clarify any further details because it's just too depressing. Depressing, how the government handles the search and how the people can be so selfish (i'm talking about those ILLEGAL LOGGERS! ) and the state of our country. DEPRESSING. Pls go to Helaine's blog for more info on it!

And another one, don't you hear rumnors of another coup? Oh Lord I hope that it is not ture. But I think I'm starting to think otherwise. Since I study at SJ which is just beside the Malacanang (white house of the phils for those who don't know..) and suddenly during Angelus on a pleasant Monday afternoon, a BOMB suddenly exploded! At first, I thought someone did it as a practical joke but it wasn't April fool's day or maybe it was someone bashing someone while on the mic but my mom confirmed that a bomb (found in a trash can in malacanang) exploded! I'm scared not only for my safety but for my classmates, friends, teachers., and judenites too! We were that close to becoming smithereens and yet we still act like nothing happened. I'll pray now more than ever...

We just had our cooking class a while ago and it was our turn to wear the chef's hat! I once again slabbed fish fillet in eggyolk and conrstarch and played with blueberry! I'm so glad that everyone did a smashing job and our cooking was a success! Everyone even the teachers all exclaimed their satisfaction! Thanks to our main cooks, Daynel and Maria Clara! You guys are the best! =) Hehee, and the good thing was, we had an entire cake to ourselves and finished one whole cake in 3 mins all caught on video! lolz, really love it! hehee =) No pics though.. dang..

Well, now I'm pondering and over-analyzing again. Would you rather stay in the limelight or close the lights and blend with the darkness? During the Pasision play (we had our passion play(4th years) and morality play(3rd years) a while ago! The morality play was great and the Passion play was oki though it wasn't s lively as before.. but the passion of Christ isn't supposed to be lively, right? They were more on an artistic approach but how I wished they changed the background they used though! hehee) , I couldn't help thinking, what the heck did I want to be anyway? I've always wanted to be an ordinary person who does extraordinary things but, I just don't know. A part of me craves attention (KSP na ba ako?) while the other shuns people away. Maybe I need to contemplate more on my life before I give you the final answer...

School's almost culminating for the 4th years and ours almost ending! GACK!!!!!!! Life's so hectic.. But I happen to notice that after all this hubbub, we yearn for the noise and confusion again.. Mankind never seems to satisfy or be satsfied...

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