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Monday, February 13, 2006
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Hi Everyone! Sorry if I've been gone for more than a week! It was really hectic and I couldn't update anything! I'm glad too that everyone liked the valentines' gift! It was really nothing compared to what you guys did. =) heehee. Thanks to Steppy, Ate Kitty, Ate Jays, Ate Scart, and Ate Rad for the wonderful gifts! heehe =) Love them to bits!! =)

So let's take a backtrack shall we?

Last week was one of the weeks when I ate the most! I haven't eaten this lot since.. I don't remember! A child I guess. And to think that this week is the prom!! GREAT! But I didn't gain any weight though.. Thank the Lord! Hehee. First, it was because it was my mom's birthday last Friday (happy bday ma!) so we decided to eat out on Thursday (had school on saturday) at Makati Shang (Sosi noh? lolz). My parents' boss treated them there once and my mom loved the food so we were gonna go! heehe. Coincidentally, the prom will also be held there and I got to take a few bites! heehee. We had buffet and ate the most delicious buffet dinner ever! It was like, food for the kings! Para sulit, kinuha namin ang mga pinakamahal doon! Okay di ba? lolz. Man, I was so full I didn't eat breakfast and lunch the next day. Man I was in heaven... yummy..

Oh yeah, our (SJCS) cheering squad (4th years) entered the Tiong Lian cheering competition for the FIRST time and guess what?? WE WON CHAMPIONS!!!! *plays the cheesy music* "We are the champions, my friends, and we'll keep on fighting till the end!" lolz. hehee All of us high school were so happy and so proud for our 4th years! CONGRATULATIONS GUYS AND GALS! =) Our basketball team is 2nd runner up but I'm already happy with that! =) Hope that we can still do it next year! =)

We also ate a lot yesterday coz we went to my angkong and ama's (grandparents of father's side) to have lunch! I wanted to barf though when sachak (3rd uncle) found a COCKROACH in the noodles!! GACCKK! OMG good thing we weren't food posoined or had LBM or anything. Grugh, I'll never eat again.. But we did eat out again later that night. I had to buy the finishing touches for the dress and bought a set of earrings and bracelets that would match the outfit! wee it's soo cool! hehee.

I also did a lot of reminiscing yesterday and we found buried treasure in my mom's closet that we haven't opened in 8 years at my grandparents' house! We found dust, mothballs, big fluffs of cobwebs and more! My collector's edition barbies (anyone want to buy? heehee or maybe not.. they're really old.. We decided to keep it lock inside), bunch of old but still "new" stuff toys (there was donnatello! you know, the violet wearing turtle dude in teenage mutants ninja turtles? and garfield!), my baby wristband (the first thing that I ever wore when I was a baby. The wristbands the hospitals used to "tag" the babies), my mom's old gucci and celine bags (still look new!), bunch of cloth that should have been made into pajamas, a Spanish-style fan (i thnik it was made in the 19th century..), mom's wedding dress and shoes and more! Man, it was soo nice to relive the past. I frankly love my childhood and how I wish I could go back to that makulit 5-yr old self again. Hehee, well I better stick to my 15-yr old self now though...

Traveling. I love traveling be it on air, water, land or whatever, as long as its a journey far away, I'm game! It's been so long since I've been to anywhere so I'm very gald to hear that I will be going to Hongkong right after school's out! So I'll be gone in a week and then I will be back. I'll probably make a new layout by then. I can't wait to go especially Hongkong disneyland! Heheee. Sighs... It's still on Mar. 12! I'll look on the bright side, only 26 days left to go till SUMMAH!!

Well tomorrow's hearts' day! My classmates are really in high spirits and have started decorating the classroom with songs and hearts. Our classroom looks like some sort of.. holiday get away or something. lolz. I don't really celebrate Valentines' day though because.. I don't know. You could say that I celebrate it with my family but that's all. Hope you guys who have dates have fun though! =) Have a Happy Valentines' Day everyone! =)

P.S. Do you guys know some info about the culture of Iran? It's our project in Asia but I don't really know much about the country. If you do, please tag me! =) THANKS!!

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