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Sunday, February 05, 2006
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[EDIT] Have you guys heard of what happened last Saturday at Ultra, Pasig?? More than 80+ (i think it's higher! info here) fell victims to one of the worst stampedes ever in history of the Philippines! I feel so sorry for these people because most of them were very poor. For those of you who don't know, these people were lining up to get tickets for the fun game show called Wowowee in hopes of winning even a thousand or 2. Around 300,000 people waited in line to watch a show that can only accomodate 17,000 people so something grave should have been expected! I feel so sorry for these people and furious a bit because the lack of security and organization! I mean they should have told the people that they couldn't accomodate them anymore so that the crowd wouldn't have been that large! The people also had a part on it because they should have known better not to push others around or know the limitations of the area but I guess they didn't know better since the majority were never educated. It also saddens me what is happening to our country now. I mean we are now so poor that most of us rely on instant noodles or instant cash for a living. This is such a tragedy and condolences to the families of the victims. I hope that this event has opened the eys of Filipinos. I will continue to pray to God for our well-being.. Help us all[/EDIT]

I'm so sorry guys if I haven’t been blogging or visiting your sites or returning comments lately! It’s because I thought of starting a new life. I have recognized and understood my problem which is procrastination. This is not the first time that I knew of this perilous disease but this is the first time that I have taken action. My grades need a STRONG push to the finish line and a FIRM pull to the top so I am making this decision. By reading a book that my bro just bough, "The 60-second Procrastinator" (it’s not to further enhance your procrastination, hehee, man I have turned to a self-help book!), I have found the reason to my procrastination : being ONLINE all the time! Remember that I had a mini-hiatus a while back then? Well I was still able to procrastinate because I had my internet on causing all these temptations to jump up and grab me. So I have decided to maintain a schedule. I will STRICTLY blog only ONCE a week.(mostly either Sundays or Thursdays) I will still visit your sites but for only twice a week now so I’m sorry if I won’t be able to comment all the time! I desperately need to solve this problem of mine. I hope that I can make it. =)

Don’t worry! I’ll still blog about my latest escapades! Hehee, just yesterday, the fair of my bro’s school just started! I didn’t actually get in the fair because we had classes that day but I was able to go to the concert. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to make it coz I was feeling a bit sick but I thought that I could still live (tsaka saying di ba?) Good thing kene and the others went too or else I would have been stuck with my bro all night long! I did feel a bit the odd man out because their whole barkada went out (man I feel like some sort of disease) and we even took free pics (sponsored by Astring-o-sol and E.G.G. hehee will post pics if I find time!)! I’m glad that they included me even though it felt wrong. THANKS GUYS!! =) The concert was long, around 6 hours ending at 12! It was cool though.. Not as fun as I expected but still cool. =)

Today’s my classmate’s Aaron’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thanks very much for the invite! =) He had a bash at Gloria Maris and invited the whole class along with his relatives. Not everybody could come though shucks. It was fun coz Jocla, Chammy and the others were there and had a lot to talk about! What we discussed will remain confidential.. haaha! I had to leave early coz I have to still finish my assignments!

Right after doing the assignments, I went along with my mom to find accessories for the gown! The prom is on the 18th of Feb if you want to know! Oh yeah on a side note, I have put up a calendar of events on my sidebar so check it out! =) Well we found the coolest shoes (fuschia too), purse, brooch and earrings for it! Now I only have to find a watch that goes with it. Hopefully everything will go well together. I wouldn’t want to look like something like the cat dragged in.. Is that correct expression? Oh well…

So now it’s 12 am and I gotta sleep! HALP!

Updates when I update! =)

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