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Tuesday, January 03, 2006
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[EDIT] OMG Ate Kitty just gave me the most WONDERFUL gift ever! A NEW layout!!! OMG ATE!! THANK YOU SOBRA!!!!! *hugz!* I can't explain how grateful I am! Nashock ako when I opened my e-mail tapos bigla lang may lumabas na layout! Grabe ang cuute!! THANKS PO! I'm going to put it up as soon as I fix the coding and stuff. I hope that I'll be able to put it up this week! Watch out for it!!! [/EDIT]What's all this clear space you say?? Well actually, I was forced to abandon my old account due to some errors a while ago. I even considered killing myself (JUST KIDDING!) when I found out that this was NOT working also! Don't worry about my old posts, they're all safe and sound in my doc. So you could say that I'm starting all over again. A new year calls for a new face, new layout, new post, and other new things. Hope that this year would be blessed with good fortune to us all!!

So it's the last day of freedom today. I'm suffering from back-to-school blues again. I'm sure all of you are too, endless hours on the net isn't available anymore. But I'm a little glad, you know why? Coz this morning, 2 FREE cel phones arrived in the MAIL! Oh how I love being Globe! My father is a Platinum member and Globe decided to reward his loyalty!! So go be a part of Globe

My father's been needing a new cel and the sony ericsson W800 was just his thing. It's also a portable walkman! The display and sounds are outstanding! I just loved it! My mother then surprised me by saying that the Nokia N70 was going to replace my phone! It's not as good as the W800 but I'm happy. I can finally access the internet!! Woopee!!! *jumps around*

Well I guess I'll just savor the last few hours of my freedom.. I just cleaned my school bags a while ago and boy did I find a lot of garbage! Sighs... =(

Updates when I update! =)

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