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Friday, January 27, 2006
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[EDIT] NEW layout peepz! It's the surprise gift of Ate Kitty to me!! THANKS! po! =) I call it Pinkish Bear Reality.. I don't know.. sounded good. heehe. =) I also fixed some pages so go check it out! I may also add some more when I'm free =) heehe well tc now! =)[/EDIT]

*Check out Part 1 first.. hehee*

Oh yeah, something weird, unexplainable and freaky happened today! I actually WON the raffle at
Ate Kitty's site! OMG Ate ang weird! I haven't won anything in my entire life (well i did win the rabbits in my 8th bday but that's different!) be it any kind of raffles (i'm always unlucky in our yearly chiense raffle) but I actually won! THANK YOU PO ATE!! Nagtaka pa nga ako bakit hindi ko makita ung nanalo ng frequent visitor dahil I was looking for a name. Pero nasa video pa la! Nagulat ako nung binunot mo name ko! Ang weird.. Hindi ko alam kung gusto ko umiyak o tumawa, basta ang weird. Ano kaya iyong gift mo?? I can't wait po! Sure po ba na walang trouble sa inyo? Well thanks uli!!!! =) Hehee

Lately, I see people being grateful like at their friends like Ate Rad and I thought that, how fortunate I am to have, even though they're few, but true friends. Kahit ngayon lang kita nakilala, o noong prep pa tayo o kahit sa internet lang, you guys (alam niyo na kung sino kayo) have affected me so much! In more ways that you can imagine. Nagpapasalamat ako sa pakikisama niyo sa akin lalo na noong nahulog ako. Hindi niyo ako iniwanan o linayasan, nandito pa rin kayo hanggang ngayon so, SALAMAT (THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!) PO SA INYO!!! Man, reading other's blogs have made me so emotional naman... heehe

Well, I can't think of anything more to write. Well maybe, I've been having one of those deep thoughts lately. More on the impossible and spiritual because I kinda see things that were once impossible, possible. You know, that sort of thing. Sighs... Well tc now! Oh yeah, I hope Ate Jays' mom-in-law will be oki! Please pray for her! =)

Updates when I update!

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