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Thursday, January 26, 2006
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Hi guys! I'm feeling mixed emotions now so I'd rather go random in this blog. (which means it's gonna be LOONG) I don't whether to laugh or cry or do both. Go figure the "weird me". You'll get a headache just thinking about it! hehee =)

First off are current events! We're having a 5-day mini-vacation from school (you heard that right! But wait till you hear about the assignments.. oh boy) because of the fair and probably Chinese New Year! Our fair will be held at Saint Jude Catholic School on the 28th and 29th of January from 8-5 pm! Please do visit coz I'm sure that it'll be fun! Oh yeah and for those who aren't Chinese or who don't know when the Chinese New Year Festival is, it's on the 29th, a Sunday. So don your newest and best (preferably in RED as a sign of good fortune!) attire and head off to Chinatown and buy tikoy, the gluttinous rice cakes! They taste so sweet you'll be having enough energy to last your for 2 days! heehe. It's the year of the dog too so bring your doggie pals if you want and treat them nicely! heehee

SO the mini-vacation started today but unfortunately, I still had to attend SPLTC (senior patrol leader) prelims! Ugh, it was grueling today coz we weren't focused that much (and add around approx 311 squats <-- and sore ng muscles!) Sighs.. It poured too and I wasn't able to help set up the jail booth! Grumble.. what a gloomy day. I couldn't focus on getting any assignments done too! Hopefully I'll be able to finish them by tomorrow! Heehee. Hopefully =) Tomorrow's still gonna be the set-up day then the fun begins on Saturday! See you there! =) Come Monday is our rest day then hopefully they'll make Tuesday "Paquiao Day" (so we won't have school!) but that seems VERY unlikely.. Aww shucks!

Steph has her gown already! Check it out! It's really pretty! =)Well did I tell you already that sophie batch officers have to attend the JS prom as mere bystanders coz we have to prepare for ours next year? I'll be fitting mine tomorrow but I'm so nervous coz I do not like gowns.. Not that I have a grudge on them or anything.. I'm nervous.. Will keep you updated tomorrow!~

News flash! Steph came back to her old home here at blogspot and I guess she really missed being here! heehe welcome back uli ah!! =)

Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you guys that we dissected a frog yesterday! If you have undergone high school sophomore year life, you most probably would have experienced it too! Well I was apprehensive at the beginning of the bio class coz I was having stomach troubles right before it! (during hwa wun or chinese language class!) Ang sakit talaga.. So I prayed that it won't happen during the dissection or else the worse will come.. Good thing it didn't! I actually was the one barking orders like (okay people let's calm down.. now get the scissors.. cut it like this..) but it was cool. It was also fascinating seeing the organs which are like humans (well almost) too except for the size. Their liver was BIG. It was also interesting to see how the heart really beats. We were a bit crazy too coz the teacher told us it was okay to remove the heart but we removed the other organs too to make it a clean job. Okay, maybe I'm grossing you out now. heehe. That class was memorable too because I'll never forget seeing the faces of my classmates when suddenly a pair of frogs were suddenly set loose and jumping all over the place! Lolz but they were soon caught. hehe. And Jenni also had her probably most traumatic experience ever! The frog was already cut open but it still wanted to jump! Creepy.. But it was dead by the end of the class.. hehe oki.. I'll stop now! =)

Part 1 muna ito ah, super haba kasi eh... heehee

Updates when I update! =)

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