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Monday, January 23, 2006
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Yesterday, Jan 22, 2006 - Almost the entire population, whether young or old, of the little archipelago called Philippines, were tuned in to their TV sets in their homes or at the mall. I swear, not a single car (well maybe a few..) were out in the streets between the time of 10-2 because of the rematch of revenge for our boxing champ Manny Paquiao versus Erik Morales! Even I the non-boxing fan also anticipated this significant event. Through Manny's hardwork and series of strong and agile sets of punches, he was able to defeat Morales and emerged victorious! Morales receieved surprisingly 2 KOs during the tenth round and finally lost the heat. Through a spectacular finish, Manny certainly gave pride and glory to his homeland.

If you want to see a more detailed (and professional) version of my news, read the newspaper or simply go here.

If you live in a country where politics is either the joker or the joke (um... weird..), you would undertsand why a lot of people would be ecstatic over a winning a boxing match (even though it's just a non-title match) We need something to look forward to and forget the troubles of our economy and such. For one day, we were all able to agree on something and that is really something rare! I mean, when my family and I were at the mall yesterday, everyone was tuned in to the TV set at the appliance center. Even the people outside were waiting for the match! The streetkids, the wealthy guy over the block, everybody!! It also made me proud for my country because our champ just delivered one of the best (in my opinion) matches ever! It was Morales' first time ever to receive a KO! Soo happy, pwede akong magpamalaki sa mga tao na ako ay isang Pilipino. Ako ay may dugong Pilipino at ipinagmamalaki ko ito. Mabuhay and Pilipinas!! YAHOO!!!!

Hehee, see what can a boxing match do to you?? hehee. Well i have to go now guys! TC!! =)

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