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Saturday, January 28, 2006
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Watching: Tanging Ina (movie)

Man, I just don't know why but watching Tanging Ina makes me feel so.... happy. It's probably because it reminds me of how my mother sacrifices so much for me even though i may not be the best daughter in the whole world. A really good movie for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. Hehee.

Well my father in the meanwhile has left for China (Shanghai! wahh hindi ako sinama...) along with his friends for a mission (I'd rather keep the reason confidential). Let's just say that he's going because it is God's plan. I'll just miss him so much since he's gonna be leaving for 5 days! =( I'm gonna pray that he'll always be safe!

As promised, today was our fair! I arrived there around 8 o' clock dutifully wearing our scout uniform (skirt and neck neck and all) and yes, we have duty even on a SCHOOL FAIR but no biggie, it's only for 2 hours. I was in time for the opening ceremonies (though I didn't get to see it, just hear it hehe) and I thought that there wasn't enough people! But soon they came in hoards. My duty was guarding the jail booth (naging gwardya ehh lolz) and the fun part, locking prisoners up! BWAHAAH I didn't realize how fun catching and surprising people was and chasing them too! It was a fun 2 hours and we managed to lock up (and earned a lot of moolah!) quite a few unfortunate victims! Hope I get to do that again tomorrow. heehe. Spent the day with Daynel and Jocla and Raichu! We also took our pics for our barkada project and boy we were wacky! And if you're asking how much chits I have left, let's just say I'm currently broke due to EXCESSIVE kissmarks on my arm!! I'll post my proof soon after my bro uses the other comp. I had to pay 10 php worth of chits once they stuck you with that little cursed stamp! ARGHHH!! Sighs.. there goes the chits.. Anyone wanna help this old fool??

I also tried on my gown today! I was very apprehensive at first because it was my first time to order from that shop (do you call it a shop??) and I didn't know what to expect. Surprisingly it came out really well and I loved the color (guess, look at the title =) but I really need.... to slim down! wahh.... it's a bit scary though because I don't wear gowns and I'm a bit paranoid whether the straps will fall off or something.. wahhh... I don't like gowns... or dresses.. Mine's a dress by the way... wahh....

Oh well, I have to do our master list for the talk we'll be having tomorrow! I updated quite a lot today! Check it out! =)

Updates when I update! =)

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