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Friday, January 06, 2006
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Reading: The Magician's Guild by Trudi Canavan

Hi guys! Sorry if I haven't blogged for 3 days (?)! Here's what happened.

Can't you give us guys a break?? Wait a minute... we just had one. LOL.

The first day of school (jan. 4) wasn't bad, actually it was great except of course, for the announcement of grades (i turned a deep shade of blue and violet and sometimes even red), who wouldn't want to die? Sighs... And also Ms. Aguinaldo will be replaced this last quarter! She gave birth prematurely (2 months! pray for the baby!!) somewhere in January I think. We shouldn't have angered her so in the last few months! I hope that they're both well! Mr. de Lara would be substituting and I think his classes will be interesting. Too bad the director doesn't approve of it! Sighs.. now soo confused. We received truckloads of homework again and I won't complain anymore, just a waste of breath. I have also resolved to do good in my studies so I won't be around for sometime...

The prelims of SPLTC (senior patrol leadership training course) officially started yesterday! At first I felt that I would be left out but it was quite fun in the end! I just didn't like the assignments... Am soo happy that Ma'm Luz is our SPL staff! Yay!!! Good luck to all of us guys!! =)

I'm loving my new phone by the way! It really has neat features (2 mega pix cam!) and the games are also in 3d! Lol the 'ol snake game has evolved to 3d snake! There's also this tamagotchi game called hamster and it's cute! But you can do less though... heehee

Well today has less hw so I grabbed the chance to blog, but I'm thinking of taking a break for a while guys. I think I won't be able to manage this any longer. Sorry Ate Kitty! I won't be able to put up the new lay this month! Hopefully I'll be back around end of January! I'll still be online though! And the next time you hear from me again, you might see the new lay! Well till we meet again guys!! =)

Updates when I update!


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