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Tuesday, January 31, 2006
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I'm still NOT ready for school!!!
Who is??

Thanks for those who have commented about my dad and the lay (everything credits to Ate Kitty)! =) My father will be coming home tomorrow! Wee, can't wait!! heehe

Sorry if I wasn't able to blog yesterday, I had my hair rebonded (or retouched etc) for 6 DARN hours!! My behind was really sore.... Oww... I'll update my flicker later so watch out for the "new" me. heehe. Right after going to the parlor, I rushed and crammed all my assignments (well partly since I have finished the others.. hehee) all in 6 hours. I was trying to study at the parlor but I just couldn't concentrate.

[EDIT] Took it out! heehe [/EDIT]

Hehee sorry about that outburst. I just needed to let it out. =)

Oh yeah, after a few changes and adjustments, my gown's back and ready!! I really need to slim down. And if anybody's asking why, I have to go to the JS prom even though I'm just a sophie coz I'm a batch officer and it is compulsary to attend as spectators observing the goings on in the prom in preparation for our prom. I'll post a pic of my gown in flicker.

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Sighs, have to go now!! =)

Updates when I update! =)

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